Practical Tips for Making a Self-Description in CV, Auto Attracted by HRD – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends. Who here is still confused about making the contents of a self-description in a CV? In CV (curriculum vitaeIt turns out that it’s not only the amount of work experience that is important, you know, but the self-description is also a consideration for the HRD when looking at your CV.

Indeed, there are many elements that must be included in the CV so that it is not confusing interviewer, one of which is self-description. How do you create a self-description to attract HRD’s attention? Let’s look at the following reviews.

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Steps to Write a Self Description on CV

Sample CV (Photo: Canva)

1. Read the details of the position you want to apply for

In this case, you can first read the requirements or qualifications that you want to apply for. Read in its entirety from the minimum age to the skills that applicants must possess.

For example, in the qualification there are several skills that you must fulfill such as capable editing video, capable of data analysis, maximum age, gender, and other information.

2. Match Existing Qualifications with Skills

Summarize the various qualifications that are already in the job vacancy into several paragraphs. Next, briefly describe your personal data, for example from which campus and major.

After that, explain career objectives which contains about some of the goals you want to achieve when applying for a job. This aims to make the CV more character and convincing.

3. Demonstrate Competence and Achievement

In the self-description, write down the competencies by including the skills you have in accordance with the qualifications in the job vacancies. HRD will assess yourself as someone who can be considered in the company.

What do you think, Zone Buddy? Already want to improve your CV? Good luck, yes.

Practical Tips for Making Self-Description in CV, Auto Looked at HRD

That’s a review of tips for making a self-description on the CV page. Hopefully this review provides benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes.

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