Practical Ways to Write a 5-Page Live Essay, Only 5 Minutes – Student Zone – Hello Zone friends, have you ever written an essay for a competition or scholarship? Writing is one activity that is not easy, yes. Especially if you write with a specific purpose such as graduation requirements, academic essays, and so on.

Writing an essay does require a technique that is easy and difficult. This is because an essay is a written work that combines facts and opinions. Usually, essays are more subjective than the author himself.

Talking about writing essays, have you ever had difficulty developing the main idea of ​​the discussion? Especially if the essay requires a minimum page requirement that must be met, it will be more difficult.

Don’t worry, Mimin has a solution so that the main ideas you have can develop easily. Check out the practical way to write the following essay.

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  • Go to the website. Don’t forget to log in with your account first. You can use an email or Facebook account.
  • Enter the search word you want in the search field. Write the word using the English word. For example, Mimin uses the word ‘book‘.
  • After that a dialog like this will appear. Zone friends can choose one of the writing boxes as desired (can choose the left or right box). Next select OK.
Select one of the text boxes above (Photo: Student Zone Team)
  • Then a dialog like this will appear.
The desired paragraph appears (Photo: Student Zone Team)
  • Finished! Friends of the Zone have already received a reference for developing ideas from Do this many times until you meet the specified conditions, yes. Very practical, right?

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After completing the steps above, make sure you first translate into Indonesian. You can use Google Translate and then correct the sentences that have been made by

Good luck, yes.

That’s a practical way that you can do to develop an essay effectively. Hopefully this review provides benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes.

Don’t forget to keep abreast of developments about students by activating the Student Zone website notifications. See you later!

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