Practicing Student Patience, 6 Lecturers’ Chat Replies to Students Are Very Resolute – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin wants to whisper a little about some of the chat replies from lecturers to students who are very curt. Do you think the teacher of Buddy Zone is like this too? Hopefully not, because this really disturbs the hearts of students.

Come on, just read some of the lecturer’s chat replies below. Happy reading Mimin’s review below!

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A Thousand Languages ​​Silent Student

Illustration of a chat from a lecturer (Photo: Hotliputan6)

Usually, when students chat with the lecturer, they must use polite language and also ask for permission because they have disturbed their time. But unlike this lecturer, when in a chat and apologized for disturbing him, he said “indeed” whether he had a grudge against the student or others.

None of your business

Illustration of a chat from a lecturer (Photo: Hotliputan6)

This time there were students who submitted their proposal assignments online, but the lecturer was indeed busy because he was out of town. The lecturer easily said it was not “your business” really hurt the answer from this lecturer, more than the doi decided.

Very annoying

Illustration of a chat from a lecturer (Photo: Hotliputan6)

Lecturers do have a variety of characters, from the kind-hearted to the hurtful. One of the lecturers’ answers, although brief, was heart-wrenching for students.

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Wow, Congratulations on the Zone

Illustration of a chat from a lecturer (Photo: Hotliputan6)

It’s different with the lecturers, this one lecturer is so relaxed and also mean to his students. When a student said that he forgot to be absent to the lecturer, the lecturer actually said “zonk” to the student. Auto panic, don’t the students, can you repeat the matkul?

Until WhatsApp Status Is Made

Illustration of a chat from a lecturer (Photo: Hotliputan6)

It seems that this is indeed the student’s fault for not being on time when chatting with the lecturer. When another lecturer answered with santuy, unlike this lecturer, he immediately gasped. Even the lecturer made a WhatsApp status with the caption, don’t copy it.

It looks like the Lecturer’s keyboard has a problem

Illustration of a chat from a lecturer (Photo: Hotliputan6)

I don’t know if it’s the lecturer’s keyboard that is having problems or what, because when replying to a student chat who asks about a lecture that has changed hours, they are immediately replied with the word “NO” with a capslock on each letter.

Practicing Student Patience, These 6 Lecturer Chat Replies to Students Are Very Resolute

Friend Zone, those were some chat replies from lecturers to students, I hope your lecturers aren’t like that!

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