Pregnant with First Child, Dea Ananda Had a ‘Mager’ & Craving for a Safari Park


Dea Ananda is pregnant with her first child, Mother. Nidji’s guitarist’s wife, Ariel, is undergoing a test tube baby process to have a baby.

Currently, Dea Ananda’s gestational age has entered the 2nd trimester. This former member of the Kwek Kwek Trio has apparently been ‘lazy’ and has no appetite in early pregnancy. Dea had to bed rest because of this condition, Mother.

“In the beginning it was really drunk, it kept lying down. Incidentally the doctor said that you had a lot of rest, you don’t have to tell me to sleep mouth because I can’t eat,” said Dea Ananda to HiMomrecently.

“I don’t eat anything that tastes good and has no taste. I don’t vomit, but I’m really drunk. Yes, I’ve been in my room, a lot bed rest early on,” he continued.

Dea Ananda Struggle Banner for PregnancyPhoto: Hi Mother/Annisa Shofia

Well, entering the second trimester, Dea’s condition has started to improve. Now, the 35-year-old woman is starting to fight the feeling of ‘mager’ by doing physical activity. Dea does yoga specifically for pregnancy to routine morning walks.

“Actually, the default is lazy, but I don’t want to follow Keep going. Just starting the 2nd trimester, okay, I have to do light exercise. Yesterday we idly joined yoga for pregnancy. Continue to walk early in the morning, take a 15 minute break, then continue walking again. The point is there is a sport,” he said.

During this pandemic, Dea Ananda also began to limit visits to crowded places. He admitted that he was worried about the unfinished pandemic situation, Mother.

Dea and her husband are no longer at family gatherings. When leaving the house, Dea often goes alone with her husband.

“What’s more worrying is during the pandemic, most of them are at home, often alone, family gatherings never come and my family doesn’t get together either. There’s no need to come either. That’s all,” he said.

In this first pregnancy, Dea Ananda also started to maintain a diet, Mother. This woman, whose full name is Nadia Budi Ananda, had experienced a blood clot that made her choose what food to eat carefully.

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