Pregnant with her third child, Dian Ayu is desperate to get pregnant when she is young


Dian Ayu Lestari seems to really enjoy being pregnant with her third child. She admitted that she wanted to do a lot of activities during pregnancy. One of them is riding a big motorbike, Mother.

At first, Dian Ayu uploaded a video of herself trying out Surya Insomnia’s motorbike on Facebook Instagram Stories. However, this future mother of three children couldn’t bear to upload it on Instagram feed Instagram. He uploaded the resulting photo screen capture from the video.

Ananda Omesh’s wife admitted that she was happy even though she only heated the motorbike around the housing complex.

Oh my gosh, pregnant women who take motorbikes around the complex are already very happy. I’m trying to force myself to capture even though this is from a story hahaha! It’s okay, the name is also pregnant at an old age, there is a lot of desire, but what’s wrong, the body is not as old as it used to be,” wrote the 35-year-old presenter, quoted from caption Instagram @dianayulestari, Wednesday (26/1/2022).

The husband, Ananda Omesh did not comment much on his wife who was 16 weeks pregnant. Apparently, Omesh has understood his wife who likes to drive motorbikes, Mother.

“Hadeuuhhhhh,” wrote Ananda Omesh in the comments column.

In the comments column, netizens did not comment obliquely about this. Because, considering that Dian Ayu does have a hobby of riding a big motorbike. Instead, netizens prayed for Dian Ayu to stay healthy with the fetus in her womb.

“bumiiiill maceuh can’t stay still huh.. Keep healthy umiiiiii..,‘ wrote one netizen.

“I miss seeing umiiii using a motorbike like this. In good health, umi and debay,” said another.

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HiMom previously discussed the safety of pregnant women riding motorbikes. According to dr. H Risanto Siswosudarmo, SpOG(K), as long as there are no problems during pregnancy, pregnant women can ride a motorbike. However, if you are already pregnant for example 9 months, your balance can be a bit disturbed.

“On balance, those who are not pregnant with a motorbike should face forward. Young pregnant women should also face forward because they can stand stronger and hug their husbands,” said Frizar, quoted from

The news that Dian Ayu was pregnant again really surprised everyone, especially her two children. When announcing their pregnancy, Dian Ayu and Ananda Omesh deliberately made a video of their child’s reaction. Read the continuation on the following page.

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