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Wale anti-drug museum in the pa’dior complex

Several glass boxes containing a set of tools for using drugs lay under there. There are several opium scales and some opium lozenges not far from the cigarette shell where they smoke opium

On the right and left walls lined with wooden boxes with transparent glass roofs. Some were seen showing off replicas of marijuana and a set of compounding tools.

There are many replicas of drug use equipment under the glass.

I also know that cannabis from Aceh is the world’s number one quality. Seen in the news clipping the Aceh government is burning illegal marijuana leaves which are used as drugs. Maybe they want to ‘fly’ together? Maybe.

There are many more collections of Narcotics and other illegal drugs in the exhibition hall. Education about the types of drugs, the history of drugs, the tools used, the legal sanctions, to videos that broadcast the facial expressions of people before and after addiction. Terrifying.

Museum atmosphere
manneqin modeling drug addict

Wale anti-drugs is the first drug-themed museum in Indonesia. More precisely, Wale anti-drugs is an educational medium on how to prevent and eradicate drug abuse and illicit trafficking. The Terios team visited this museum after enjoying the music of Minahasa bamboo, because it was still in one complex. Precisely at the Cultural Center Complex of North Sulawesi, Jl. Pinabetengan, Tompaso-Minahasa

The word Wale itself means house in the Tomohon language, North Sulawesi.

We need to know, according to the National Narcotics Agency, North Sulawesi is one of the gateways for drugs to enter Eastern Indonesia. For this reason, Benny Mamoto, the person who initiated this museum, took the initiative to invite BNN and the government to build a museum here. Hope our nation’s shoots are not affected by these all-destroying drugs.

In the future, museums like this will be built in other cities. Hopefully our nation can be free from this drug trap. Alert!


Don’t let our generation be damaged!

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