Project Management vs Product Management, What’s the Difference?

Project Management vs Product Management, What's the Difference?

Project Management vs Product Management – In a company, there are various kinds of positions that have job descriptioneach. Starting from the marketing division, personnel, to production, all of them have an important role to keep the company running according to plan. However, as it turned out, there was still here some fields of work that are considered the same, but are actually different lolbro!

Yep, right! Maybe some of you are still confused about the difference between project management and product management. In fact, there are some companies that combine the two jobs on one person.

Actually, what the hell the difference between the two and which one has the most influence on all project profession?

Main Duties of Project Manager

In general, a project manager have job description to manage a project within the company.

Project Management vs Product Management, What's the Difference?

Role project manager is to determine when the ideal time to work on and determine the best way so that the project can run smoothly.

In addition, the task of a project manager must also be able to determine how much budget to complete the project to determine the duration of the work so that it can be completed on time.

It’s no wonder that the main ability to become a project manager is good leadership.

Main Duties of Product Manager

project management vs product management
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Become a product manager means having the authority to focus on the process of working on goods or services that will be and are being worked on. The goal is to ensure that if the goods have been released, they can be used properly by the wider community and are able to achieve the targets desired by the company.

Job description a product manager also no less complex than project manager!

In the process, product manager play a role in the process of making goods, starting from the process of looking for references, ideas, to the functions offered when the project starts to be marketed.

The main abilities that must be possessed as product manager is analysis and research. By possessing these two abilities, a product manager will understand whether the product being planned is really needed and meets the wishes of many people, as well as make improvements if it is felt that additional functions are needed.

Project Management vs Product Management

Once you know the difference between project management and product managementis one of them superior?

The answer is no!

This is because, well project or product management have different capacities and scopes of work, but are interrelated with each other, so cooperation is needed so that the project is carried out according to the target.

From a communication point of view, a project manager will focus more on providing information related to the project being worked on to the team internal. While one product manager communicate with parties stakeholders (such as investors, customers, to workers).

The main thing is, project manager responsible for the project implementation process, while product manager Responsible for the quality of the products and services rendered. So, you can already tell the difference between project management and product management right, bro?

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