Proudly, Mother in Manado Tells Her Daughter Who Successfully Becomes a Doctor at the Age of 20


Children’s achievements will be a special happiness for parents. Moreover, this achievement was successfully achieved by children at a young age. A mother from Manado, North Sulawesi has just been happy.

Grace Kandou tells of the achievements of her daughter, Angela Aprilia Pangemanan, who became a doctor at the age of 20. Angela is a student at Sam Ratulangi University in Manado, Bunda.

Angela Aprilia Pangemanan entered undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Unsrat Manado in 2015. She was able to earn a medical degree in just 3 years. Angela then completed a two-year koas (co-assistant) period before earning her doctorate.

As a mother, Grace did not expect her little daughter to become a doctor. He was still amazed by the princess who managed to finish her studies quickly.

In fact, according to Grace, Angela is the type of child who is relaxed and not in a hurry. As a student, Aprilia always enjoys the learning process.

“Torang (we) also did not think that he could. Because people are relaxed,” said Grace, when met by reporters, last Saturday (12/2/2022) in Manado, North Sulawesi.

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Previously, he even had the opportunity to get a doctor’s degree at the age of 19. However, Angela was forced to take academic leave due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grace said that her daughter is not only active in academics. During her medical education, Angela also regularly engages in non-academic fields such as the arts.

Angela Aprilia is a student who actively participates in dance activities. He even often participates in dancing competitions, Mother. In pursuing this hobby, Angela’s mother never forbade it as long as she remained focused on studying.

“He competes often to win, we support him,” he said.

“It’s just that he goes on, he’s not burdened. Yang people (we are) worried because he is too young to be able to afford it, meaning that he is in an environment that is not his age. This kid is confident, he doesn’t care if he’s young. Because maybe we always give the view that if others succeed, we can too. So she never felt like she couldn’t,” Grace said.

Not only did she get a doctor’s degree at a young age, Angela has also attended acceleration classes at the junior high and high school levels. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE.

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