Psychological Test for Middle School Entrance, Let’s Learn to Make it Easier to Enter Your Favorite Junior High School!

For now, the psychological test for entering junior high school has been used in various schools with a higher level of learning category.

Usually it is used in some favorite schools. If it happens that your child or one of your family members wants to enter junior high school and is being asked to take a psychological test, it would be nice to learn the basic tests at first.

Before going further into the discussion of examples and types of psychological tests and questions that often appear in the entrance test for our favorite junior high school, we should first know the various explanations about psychological tests.

By using this psychological test, it is hoped that participants can develop a better level of thinking and be more creative.

As for the examiners, usually it is in order to be able to find the criteria of the students they expect. Even with this psychological test, the educational standards that will be used can be more uniform.

Psychological tests are not only used to test students who are in school, even those who are already working can also be used as a standard measure for certain types of work.


tests do not require right or wrong answers, even more so. Most of them really hone the brain’s ability to play logic and play creative minds.

Of course, there is a difference between the psychological test that is in the recruitment company and the test that is in the school.

For schools, the theory is almost similar and usually only simple arithmetic logic.

While the psychological tests in the recruitment company will usually be more complicated and there will even be various series and types of psychological tests that will all be applied.

There are several types of psychological tests that will usually be held in the entrance test to your favorite school. For example, related to language logic or even calculations that require thinking and high focus concentration.


logic there will usually be some questions related to language. For example, antonyms, synonyms and similarities in the meaning of several sentences that are back and forth.


test is quite easy to pass, you can even try to study various examples on the internet.

In everyday life there will be many events. However, when in the psychological test for entering junior high school, it will usually be combined with several things such as calculating money, objects and sizes in the form of length or weight.

Usually the purpose of this test is so that participants will be more responsive and responsive to all things that happen around the school and home environment.

Calculations that will include logical reasoning but sometimes can be in the form of fractions, decimals or percentages.

This is based on mathematics lessons which will later be accelerated. Because that’s usually the case when in schools that in fact have international standards, will apply high standards for their students.

For this reason, a correct and fast and precise mindset and problem solving is needed to support the value standards that have been applied.


is still rare to find a psychological test to enter junior high school, but if you have entered the world of work, this test is very much needed.

For a company that is looking for the speed and accuracy of people in counting, this test is usually carried out with a certain time limit.

The assessment of this test includes the speed of work, the correctness of the calculation results and with a horizontal or decreasing pattern you will usually get how far a person’s saturation point is.

Even though you have just met in the world of work, there is nothing wrong with studying so you know more about various types of psychological tests and the techniques for doing them.

In psychological tests, both company entrance tests and other agency entrance tests, usually a drawing test of an object will also be included.

This object can include both inanimate and living objects, or it can even be asked to draw both.

For living objects, you will usually be asked to draw animals and humans. Try to draw an object using perspective and point of view techniques, don’t just draw objects that are monotonous and look the same as other participants.


is a creativity test, the most interesting assessment is usually the one who will get a good score. The drawing is simple and uses only pencil techniques.

If your sons and daughters are currently approaching your favorite junior high school and will soon be taking a psychological test,

you should also be able to practice it yourself at home by trying to do various psychological test questions in the psychological test book. Sample booklets can be purchased at a very affordable price.

Even if there is a psychological test nearby, it can also be included in the course so that later you can be more proficient and faster in working on the original test.

Because the psychological test for entering junior high school is the same as other psychological tests, it is a race against time.

It’s not an easy thing to answer right or wrong, but problems in reasoning and measuring a person’s IQ can be seen from this kind of psychological test.

There are several tips so that your child or family can easily pass the psychological test to enter junior high school at your favorite school in your area.

Practice diligently

Every day your child can be invited to practice some questions related to psychological tests. You can find it easily now with just a smartphone in your hand.

Some of the questions on the internet can indeed represent some of the tests that will later be faced.

Or if there are courses on psychological tests near your area, you can take them. Meanwhile, if you want to be more practical, you can also buy some psychological test books in bookstores, both online and offline.

Focus on All Existing Problems

In doing the psychological test questions, it is necessary to focus, this is related to the specified time limit.

Each time the standard test is different for each institution, but usually 1 hour for all types of psychological tests is the most common time.

Do the Easiest First

When doing the psychological test for entering junior high school, you should be able to do the easier questions first, this can later be a benchmark if the percentage of correct can be greater than wrong.

Just skip the questions that if you don’t understand yourself, if by the end time is up and you don’t have an answer in your mind, then just answer as long as it’s okay.

Use Time Efficiently

If there are 30 questions with a time of 1 hour, it means that the allocation of time to be used for each question takes 2 minutes, and that is the maximum.

But you can outsmart it with a maximum of 1 minute for each question with the provisions of difficult questions that can be passed. when you reach the end, the remaining time is allocated to the questions you passed earlier.