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Putin is humiliated when Russian soldiers accidentally shoot down his own plane, says UK spy chief | World | News

GCHQ chief Sir Jeremy Fleming will give a speech in Australia on Thursday, where he is expected to outline Russia’s use of Wagner mercenaries and cyber attacks to try and win the war in Ukraine. He will also list mistakes that the Putin regime has made, such as underestimating the Western response and overestimating its own military capabilities.

Security and defense editor for Sky News Deborah Haynes broke the news of the speech on Twitter.

He wrote: “BREAKING: Demoralized Russian soldiers in Ukraine accidentally shot down their own plane, sabotaged their own equipment and refused to carry out orders, Sir Jeremy Fleming, director of British spy agency @GCHQ, will reveal in a speech in Australia. on Thursday.”

Sir Jeremy would say the soldiers were “lack of weapons and morale” and appeared to have “refused to carry out orders, sabotaged their own equipment, and even accidentally shot down their own plane”.

It is not known exactly how many planes were shot down, but the information is reportedly based on intelligence.

In his address, Sir Jeremy will discuss how it appears “increasingly” likely that Putin has “mass misjudged the situation” in Ukraine, and that Wagner reportedly wants to “send large numbers of personnel to Ukraine to fight alongside Russia”.

Wagner is a private military company which, according to Sky News, is “suspected of having links to the Kremlin”.

They reported that these Wagner mercenaries might become “cannon fodder” for “limiting Russian military losses”.

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He would say in Chinese: “[President Xi] has not publicly condemned the invasion, perhaps calculating that it helped him oppose the US.

“And, with the aim of reclaiming Taiwan, China does not want to do anything that could limit its ability to move in the future.

“There is a risk for both of them (and more for China) from getting too close.

“Russia understands that in the long term, China will become stronger militarily and economically.

“Some of their interests are conflicting; Russia can be squeezed out of the equation.”