Radio Rahmancyber

Featured 2013 rahmancyber provides an Online Radio feature managed by rahmancyber.

To listen just press play on this rahmancyber web.

*Projects. Canceled..

Hehe, too busy with other things.. 🙂

So the story is there that I made my own radio broadcast, and it was embedded on the Rahmancyber website…. that was in the year 2013

So I use cast on stream to Listen2Myradio if i’m not mistaken,

So it’s like being a radio announcer, sometimes playing songs from the Playlist on the Winamp and streamed with DSP Shoutcast Plugins.

It’s as simple as that, as long as there is a smooth internet connection, it can broadcast 1×24 hours… wkwkwk, just play the song…

Enter playlists.

Later it can be played via the selected player Embed on the RahmanCyber ​​website… 🙂

However, if it is implemented now in 2022, it will be simpler, live broadcast on Youtube… wkwkwk

But even so, this kind of Shoutcast still has advantages, because the data transmitted is much less expensive and data packet efficient, than Live on Youtube…

Even now Listen2MyRadio even has an application on Android..

or just search Listen2MyRadio..

that’s later for your Radio Hosting….

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