RahmanCyber ​​Network Download Sharing Place

Hello Guys… This time RahmanCyber ​​Editor’s Desk Introducing a new portal that we have just launched on the Internet, namely ” Just share “which we call the sharing space Downloads on RahmanCyber..

What? why do you have to make another special place… why not just post it on RahmanCyber.net???

Of course we have our own reasons, why make a download / special download place.. that is for give visitors a comfortable space to navigate on RahmanCyber.Netwith the Special Room, will allow RahmanCyber.Net to focus more on building useful articles and with a special download area, it will allow us to share more with you guys 😀

Anyway, from now on, specifically for downloads, we will transfer them to the Bagi Doang Site | http://bagidoang.rahmancyber.net
remember, the official RahmanCyber ​​website has a Sub Domain from RahmanCyber.net itself… so don’t get me wrong, hang out on a site that uses RahmanCyber’s name…

Welcome to Bagi Doang ^_^

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