RahmanCyber’s Notes in February 2020

I don’t know why I don’t feel burdened by the field I’m taking.. Here I can pour out everything that might not be that easy to do in the real world.. ^_^ .

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rahmancyber traffic analysis

The Origin of RahmanCyber ​​NET

RahmanCyber ​​is a name that for some reason just suddenly appeared like that… like the wind that landed, since I entered SMK first, until now I’ve kept it.

How about Traffic

although now the traffic has decreased a lot due to the effects of making videos on Youtube.. especially the changing Google Algorithm “which unwittingly forces me to make quality and neat, structured articles” I like this… so my skills can be more developed ^_^ , because to be honest before that it was random and perfunctory.

Notes in February 2020

Note: Improvements in February.. but still minimal interaction.. , hopefully this month… can be better in terms of quality… increased visits and well-organized management… can generate a lot of interactions ^_^


Here we accept cooperation in the form of ad placement or planting backlinks… For DA/PA and Alexa rank decreases due to the effects of some of the things I explained above, but DA/PA is already above 10.. Alexa

goes up to 5 million.. and still in the process of decreasing rank again.. ^_^ , if you want to install it… take advantage of it now.. because the DA/PA increases and the alexa RANK decreases, the value/cost of installation also increases.



So many notes this time… for development in the next month..! Ganbatte my self ^___^

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