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Raja ampat pier dive ldoge

Raja Ampat dive lodge has a strategic location on Mansuar Island. Besides being in the middle of interesting dive sites such as manta point and cape kri, the dive lodge is also directly opposite the Dampier strait and Gam Island, one of the original habitats of the red bird of paradise in Papua.

It seems that the owner of this resort is Balinese, because many of the ornaments that adorn this resort smell like the island of the Gods.

When we first got here, we were greeted by a long wooden pier decorated with coral reefs if we looked down. However, compared to coral reefs, more fish can be seen here. If you’re lucky, the ‘kalabia’ walking shark will also stop by the mangroves on the resort’s beach.

Walk inside the resort

The atmosphere is calm and natural, even too quiet in my opinion. The rooms are separated by wooden bungalows which are also connected by a wooden walkway. Good idea so our feet don’t get too dirty with sand.

Its location facing north makes the pier a suitable place to see sunrise, or sunset, choose as you like.

Enjoy your day | Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

This resort is intended for divers. Available to stay overnight or add diving, with complete equipment. Speedboats are also available to explore the Raja Ampat area. Liveaboard boats are also available.

The food is quite varied and delicious. Although dominated by fish, shrimp, and squid.

I really enjoyed the five days here. It was amazing! Go check out their website for your next getaway!

In front of the pier | Raja Ampat Dive Lodge
Restaurant | Raja Ampat Dive Lodge
My double bed deluxe room. With air conditioner and hot shower.
Perfect place to kill your time
You can drink coffee first…
Enjoy our stay
A Peaceful dock | Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

*Thanks to divemag and Raja ampat dive lodge for the amazing trips and stay!

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