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Sulawesi. One of these sailors’ islands is the next #terios7wonders route.

After traveling about 3020 km from Jakarta to Komodo Island last year, this year we are again traveling with the terios on the island of the great seafarers; shipbuilders — who could be our ancestors — are the Bugis and the Bajo.

See itineraryand looking for the distance between cities on google map, the distance traveled looks horribly delicious.

Our first stage will cover the city Manado – Tompaso – Kawangkoan – Bintauna – Isimu – Marissa – Torosiaje with mileage 668 km. Yes, it’s similar to the distance from Jakarta to Malang.

second stage, Torosiaje – Toboli – Hammer – Pasangwood – Mamuju with distance 767 km. Hmm, surely my backside is getting hot.

Third stage Mamuju – Pare Pare with distance 327 km. Looks like I’m ready to be cut. Luckily I didn’t get a number, so I just ate satay.

The fourth stage is driving from Pare-Pare going to Rantepao, Tana Toraja. Crossing Enrekang – Makale which is a distance away 210 km.

Staying in a Toraja’s house might be fun, but it’s also quite scary sleeping with the dead who haven’t been buried.

Then the fifth stage of Rantepao – Tanjung Bira will cover a distance of 447 km. It will also pass through cities such as Makale – Enrekang – Sidrap – Watampone – Sinjai – Bulukumba – Tj. Bira. To stop by to see the phinisi ship and the artisans of this ship with two seven-mast sails.

The sixth stage will be from Tanjung Bira – Kolaka 155 km.

The seventh stage of Kolaka – Kendari 158 km

Final stage. Kendari – Wakatobi. I can’t wait to get back to Tomia Hill. Because I have sweet memories there 🙂

Wakatobi – 2 years ago.

Pray for us safely until we return home. And also hopefully I can tell a little more about the heritage stories that exist in Sulawesi. Just keep an eye on the hashtag #Terios7Wonders on twitter and instagram.

Greetings adventurous friends!

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