Reaching Thousands of Organic Followers in a Week

Reaching Thousands of Organic Followers in a Week

To increase followers on tiktok, you need your own tricks, plus now tiktok is a short video sharing platform which is of course very popular in the world.

In it there are various challenges and exciting trends, and all of these things were born from this application from China. Tiktok is also recorded to have billions of users around the world, and growing to this day.

The more users there are, the more difficult it is to add followers on tiktok, because more and more creators are creating similar content.

This can be easier if there are more Tiktok application users, it will be easier to get followers. You also have to learn the strategy, as we summarize below, including the following.

1. Know Your Target Audience and Use the Web or Other Apps

One of the most popular signs on various social media is the blue check mark, this sign is highly coveted in the world of social media because the blue mark next to the username on Instagram indicates that the account has been officially verified by the developer.

This desirable sign is said to be difficult for many to obtain.

You have to make sure the target audience you want to reach before you create content for the tiktok app.

For example, if you use tiktok for fun, then your target audience will be people your age with a sense of humor and similar interests.

It’s different if you are a brand that does promotions on tiktok, of course you have to follow the audience or other social media.

If so, then you should be the same as your other social media audience. You can use other websites or other applications if you want to add tiktok followers in an instant.

Because gaining thousands of organic followers in a week is such a painstaking challenge, not a few people give up trying.

You can also use certain followers increase tools for the tiktok application platform, these platforms are usually available on Google, for example, tokupgrade, socialviral, media mister, poxel feed, social buddy and various other applications. This method is certainly very easy because you can easily add followers in a short period of time.

Why Should You Follow the Trend?

2. Following the Trend

Another easiest way to increase the number of your tiktok followers is to follow trends, there are a number of common trends to follow and imitate, these include challenges, dance and much more.

There are also many Tiktok users who can perform popular dances with songs that are no less popular, trends and challenges are the most appropriate ways.

The best way to attract more users to your profile is by following trends and challenges on tiktok.

When challenges, dances or certain topics are trending, many users will get followers instantly. These followers are obtained because the content you create is interesting and deserves to be rewarded.

The purpose of developers verifying your personal tiktok account is because they want to ensure that the surfing experience on tiktok remains authentic, Instagram can also be a platform for someone who wants to pretend to be someone else and damage their reputation.

To avoid this, you must follow the trend and get a verification badge from the developer.

You can verify TikTok by following the prevailing trend or duets with famous people with activities that introduce your eyes or don’t please your eyes.

This is calculated effectively so that it becomes viral and famous within a week.

3. Don’t Forget Hashtags and Make a Trend

Hashtags or hashtags are very important things in growing followers on tiktok, this is also related to the challenges or trends that you follow.

If you don’t include hashtags, your hard-earned content won’t be visible to other users. Not a few users also include the hashtag fyp in the hope that their content will be seen by many people.

In order for followers to be interested in visiting your profile and becoming your followers, you must create your own trends and encourage others to follow them.

This is difficult if you start playing tiktok and have very few followers, but it can work for those of you who have a fairly large following and want to grow even more.

The trend that is quite shocking is the original trend that was popularized by some people, plus if some of those people are the majority of people.

Then the content you post will go viral and be known to many people and become a favorite if the content you present is very interesting to see.

4. Promotion

Promoting your personal tiktok account is of course the last easiest way, you just have to share the video across other social media platforms.

Because many tiktok become viral after being shared on various channels such as twitter or instagram. Account promotion is the easiest way to go viral, you just need to promote your account on other social media.

With the promotion, your account will be verified and the owner’s profile has been confirmed by the social media platform, this indicates that the profile is the official profile or the brand being represented.

This is very useful for famous people so you can know and be sure that you are following the people you want, not fake or fake accounts.

Not all of your social media will be given a badge by the developer, because those who have the possibility are accounts that have been trusted and are believed to be not fake accounts or accounts that are proven to have complied with the applicable regulations in the Tiktok application and the content they post does not contain violence, offend other people or even SARA.

Not everyone can also get and have a blue tick, because only some public figures such as celebrities, famous brands have a verified badge on the tiktok application.

Of course, you have to be diligent in posting quality and interesting videos so that your followers can increase and the blue tick can be obtained easily.

You can link profiles or change all kinds of data from your social media accounts if you want everyone to know that your account is a real account, because if you are a public figure, government officials or your brand can be verified from Facebook, because ordinary people’s accounts will not can be verified and cannot apply for verification.

In other words, you have to be a big person to get verified from the developer.

Because the majority of owners or those who get a blue tick on social media are those who have great influence, in the form of works or social assistance and are recognized by all Indonesian people by raising their names to the top and becoming famous by themselves.