Realize the Dream of Being a Successful Businessman in the Digital Age of Today’s Mothers


Hi, Mother! What dreams do you have in 2022? If Bubun, really want to be a successful businessman even while working. Of course it won’t be easy, mother of two children plus a career woman who runs online business.

Imagine how complicated it is to manage time between taking care of the household, work, and online business. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, Mother. Instead, we must be determined to realize that dream by facing all challenges.

In addition to obstacles from within yourself, you will certainly face competition from the online business world. Especially in an era like now, we are required to be ‘digital literate’. This is what the Mothers Have a Dream (IPM) community initiated in the Mother’s Dream Festival (FEMPI) event.

This event was held from 19 to 22 December 2021. The theme raised is very interesting, namely Digitizing Mother’s Dreams. Through this event, IPM wants to encourage more mothers to have online businesses that can develop and compete in the digital world.

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There are three main events held, namely:

1. Webinars for Mother’s Dreams
This series of webinars, which present experts and inspiring mothers, equips mothers with tips on doing business in the digital era. Here’s a list of the themes:

Mother’s Dream Supplies

Complete Cheats for Managing Business Legality: So Mother’s Business Doesn’t Fall Down

Composing Dreams and Rediscovering Yourself After Becoming a Mother

– Digital Financial Management Solutions in the Style of #IbuMakinJago

Community Events Mothers Have a DreamCommunity Events Mothers Have a Dream/ Photo: Doc. Mother Has a Dream

2. Mother’s Business Presentation for Mom
Through Instagram Live on the @ibupunya dream account, ibupreneurs and influencers share, talk, and tell about their respective businesses.

3. Business Digitization Competition
The mothers were challenged to present their business transformation to digital, in front of three judges. Only three minutes you know, Mother! But before, they have been provided with knowledge from several experts through events mini bootcamp.

Besides, on the last day it was also held Financial Mini-Workshop together Financial Planner. Participants had the opportunity to directly consult about financial management. That’s great!

The hope is that this event can motivate you to realize your dream of becoming a successful businessman. Spirit, Mother…

Check out also, tips for successful business a la Ririn Ekawati, in the following video:

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