Recognize 6 Habits That Make Thesis Never Finish – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! This review Mimin addresses directly to those of you whose thesis has not been completed. It’s possible that Zone Buddies have various habits that must be stopped when they want to immediately pick up the title.

If you felt slapped online when you read the title, welcome to graduate student life. Also, those of you who want to be on guard so as not to experience this when entering the final semester, welcome too. Come on, let’s read the review!

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Procrastinating Work

Illustration of procrastinating (Photo: Your plan)

Let’s admit, who after receiving a revision from the supervisor, but instead often does this:

“Later first ah, tomorrow will be finished anyway”

“Later, I want to relax today”

And various other delays. This is of course not a good habit, my friend, both in delaying thesis work and in taking any action. The more you delay the work, the more you will accumulate or forget what you want to do.

Don’t get used to this again, okay!

Losing Focus

Focus illustration (Photo:

Maybe some of you Zone Friends have lost focus in doing their thesis. It could be that those who were busy working on the thesis, then suddenly want to write a book, work, or do other things that make you lose focus on getting back to working on your thesis.

It’s actually good when you can balance the two. However, if you can’t or even ignore one of them, this will also affect the thesis you are working on. It’s better to focus on one first before the other, so as not to touch each other.

Loss of Idea or “Stand Up”

Illustration of lost idea (Photo: IDN Times)

Writing a script is not an easy thing. Oftentimes, the spirit is already 45, and the mind is stuck, not knowing what to write. This often happens when you feel lazy to read references, because actually the idea was picked up, not waiting for it to come naturally in your brain.

Losing ideas may just need to be provoked by reading deeper into your own references or thesis so that you know what to write, what is still lacking in the writing, so that you can be fluent again in working on the thesis.

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Waiting for the Mood to Do

Illustration of a bad mood (Photo: Freepik)

Mimin must admit that as a person who is working on a thesis, waiting for the mood to work on a thesis is a big enemy for final students. Because if the mood doesn’t appear, the thesis work will be delayed even more.

This habit is experienced by some people who are used to procrastinating work before they feel excited and in the mood to do it. It’s still better if his mood often feels good. What if it continues to be bad and ends up not working on the thesis?

It’s really dangerous, it can be delayed again and again working on the thesis.

Embarrassed by the Advisory Lecturer

Illustration of a chat with a tutor (Photo: Okezone Techno)

Another thing that is no less important in writing a thesis is the relationship with the supervisor. Often, when they are confused, final students do not directly contact their supervisor for consultation. Finally, they kept the confusion to themselves without consulting the supervising lecturer.

This continuous feeling of reluctance causes the thesis to never be finished and in the end it is not carried out properly, aka delayed. Especially for those who have not consulted for a long time. It’s even more dangerous.

Prefer to Hangout with Friends whose Thesis is Delayed

Illustration of hanging out with friends (Photo: TravelTriagle)

Apart from the supervising lecturer, there are also things that are no less important in working on the thesis, namely friends who you often meet. There are two types of friends who will affect the final student’s thesis work, namely those who provide support to immediately complete the thesis and those who also delay the work of the thesis.

If Friend Zone often gathers with people who always provide support, surely you will be more enthusiastic in working on your thesis. However, if you often hang out with people who also like to procrastinate, then you will be influenced to follow them too.

Therefore, be more selective in choosing friends to hang out with, yes. Make sure they bring good things for you too, not make Friend Zone complacent and end up not working on the thesis.

Recognize 6 Habits That Make Thesis Never Finish

Alright, Zone Buddy! A few reviews from Mimin regarding the habits that make the thesis never finish. Try to avoid some of these habits, so that you are safe in working on your thesis and completing it on time.

Mimin, goodbye, don’t forget to turn on the Student Zone website post notifications for other interesting info about lectures and students. See you later!

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