Recognize the Dangers of Laying a Laptop for Your Health Zones – Student Zones – Hello Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who will provide a review of interesting facts about the dangers of carrying a laptop for the health of Zone Friends.

The habit of holding a laptop for Zone Friends is often done. However, many are not aware that it is harmful to health. Without further ado, here are the facts you should know.

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Back and Neck Pain

Illustration of back pain (Photo: Kompas)

Frequently holding a laptop or notebook can make your back and neck sore zone. Because this position makes the head of the Zone Buddy have to look down to see a laptop screen that is so bright.

This is supported by several studies that placing a laptop on your lap will have an adverse effect on your back and neck.

Damage your skin Zone

Illustration of skin pain (Photo: Girlbanget)

By placing the laptop on the lap of the Zone Buddy, it really has an effect on the skin of the Zona Buddy. We can know that the longer you use your laptop, the hotter the laptop will be.

According to a medical report, a laptop or notebook on the lap of the thigh causes unusual spots and rashes from long-term heat exposure. This condition is usually known as Friend Zone erythema ab igne (EAI) and may evolve over time.

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Increases the Risk of Some Cancers

Illustration of cancer (Photo: Radar Jember)

In a research report in Switzerland showed that using a laptop on the lap causes heat that triggers skin damage.

In a research report presented by Anthony J. Mancini, he assessed that placing a laptop in your lap can trigger squamous cell skin cancer. So, you have to be careful.

Recognize the Dangers of Laying a Laptop for Your Health Zone

That’s the danger of carrying a laptop for health that you must be aware of. So, you need to take good care of the health that God has given you.

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