Recognizing the Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Have you ever felt annoyed because you have to sweep the hair that falls out in the room every time? You also find out what causes hair loss in women. If you want to know, check out this article, come on! Here you can find out some of the causes, you know!

Basically there are several kinds of causes of hair loss in women. If you want to know more about that cause, now you don’t have to worry anymore because you’ve come to the right place.

For women, the crown of the head is one part of the body that can support appearance. So when there is a hair loss problem that comes your way, of course you will immediately look for ways to deal with excessive hair loss.

In fact, apart from finding a way to deal with it, you also need to look for the cause of hair loss. Because what’s the point of knowing how to treat it if you can’t solve the cause of hair loss in women, right?

For that, you must know in advance what makes your hair fall out. Is it due to stress or from using too many styling tools in your hair.

Can’t wait to know the cause of hair loss in women? If you want to know more, just check the article below, come on!

1. Hormone Disorders

In women, there are several hormones that are believed to cause hair loss, namely: androgenetic alopeciahormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and hormone alopecia areata. Mainly, the biggest role in causing baldness in women is hormones androgenetic alopecia.

Baldness caused by this hormone is a hereditary disease caused by an increase in the genetic sensitivity of your hair follicles to hair follicles dihydrotestosterone. The pattern of hair loss will start from the center of your hair and work your way to the sides.

While hormones alopecia areata is a hormonal disorder that causes hair loss. This hormone is caused by a disease called autoimmunitywhere the body makes autoantibodies that attacks normal cells because they think they are foreign cells that attack your body.

This condition usually occurs among adolescents and young adult women. Fortunately, the cause of hair loss in women on this one is not permanent. This means, with the right way of dealing with hair loss and dryness, your hair can grow back in less than a year.

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2. Effects of Nutrition and Vitamins

The next cause of hair loss in women is due to the influence of nutrition and vitamins. Because even though it is small and soft, it still requires a lot of nutritional intake.

The crown of your head still needs nutrition to stay strong and healthy so it doesn’t become brittle and fall out easily. One bad example is when you go on an extreme diet that also limits the intake of nutrients for your hair such as protein and zinc, so you can be sure that your hair will fall out horribly.

For that, one way to deal with hair loss and dandruff is to eat foods that contain good nutritional intake. Besides being good for the beauty of your hair, a complete nutritional intake is also good for your health and your organs. So it won’t be in vain because there are so many benefits.

3. Use of Chemicals

Treatment that is too excessive and accompanied by the use of chemicals can be one of the causes of hair loss in women. The use of dyes that are too often especially in excessive doses can trigger damage. Therefore, try to be more careful before coloring the crown of the head.

Apart from coloring your hair, the chemicals used in your hair straightening process (rebounding or smoothing) is also not good for growth in the long term. Especially with the chemical absorption process in your hair for approximately 30 minutes. This will definitely make your hair fall worse.

4. Hairdressing Tool

To support the appearance to always look beautiful, women are usually willing to spend hours in the salon. Even willing to wake up early to style hair using a straightener, curling iron, or hairdryer to make it look more beautiful.

In fact, treatment using a straightener and curling iron can have a bad impact on your hair if you do it too often. The cause of hair loss in adolescent women is because the distance between the vise is too close to the scalp. This makes the hair roots dry and your hair breaks faster. While on the curling tool, your hair will be wrapped around the tool and make the roots of your hair attracted so that your hair will become cracked and branched.

5. Drug Side Effects

If you are undergoing treatment and are required to take medication regularly, you may feel that your hair is starting to fall out more often. This is because there are some drugs that have side effects in the form of hair loss.

Among several types of drugs that cause hair loss are depression medications, blood thinners, chemotherapy, and contraceptives. You don’t have to worry too much if your hair falls out while you’re on treatment.

In fact, the loss that occurs in your hair will decrease when the drug is stopped. So, focus on your health first and later when you recover, your hair loss will start to lessen.

6. Rarely Washing

One of the causes of hair loss in veiled women is because they rarely wash their hair. Because it is rarely washed, so your hair will become oily and also damp.

Especially if you are actively doing activities outside the home, exposure to the sun will make your scalp sweat. So that your hair that has been mixed with dust will get limp with additional sweat.

In addition, when you wash your hair, try not to rub your head too hard. Because if you rub your hair too hard, it can actually damage the follicles. In the end, your hair will fall out.

7. Too Tight Hair Tie

For young women, usually tying hair is done not only to beautify the appearance. But also as a form of practicality when going to do many activities.

Unfortunately, many women don’t realize that too tight hair ties can be the cause of hair loss in women at a young age. This is because the hair that is tied tightly will cause the roots of your hair to be pulled. Because it is too long to be pulled, the hair is separated from the roots and causes hair loss.

To avoid this, there are things you need to pay attention to if you really need to tie your hair. Try not to tie your hair tightly for more than two hours. Because apart from making your hair fall out, it can also give you headaches.

8. Disease

Did you know that there are several types of diseases that can make your hair fall out quite badly. For that, you need to know the characteristics of hair loss due to disease.

Some diseases that can make your hair fall out are lupus, diabetes, down syndromeand hyperthyroidism. In addition, the effects of chemotherapy can also have an overall impact on the scalp, face, and body.

But you don’t need to worry about the causes of hair loss in this one woman. Because the loss caused by the disease will not be permanent and your hair can still grow normally again after a few months of stopping treatment.

9. Pregnancy

Many women experience hair loss during pregnancy or some time after giving birth. The cause of hair loss in women occurs naturally and is a normal thing.

Generally, the loss will recover after 3 months postpartum. Even if there are still people who experience hair loss after that period, but usually the number has started to decrease.

10. Emotional Disturbance

One of the causes of hair loss in women is when a person is depressed or experiencing excessive stress. This is because when someone is stressed, what will happen is that the nerve muscles in your head tense up.

The tension in the nerve muscles in your head is what ultimately causes the nerve roots of the hair to weaken. When the nerve roots of your hair weaken, hair loss will occur immediately.

11. Sunlight and Pollution

Sunlight or solar radiation does have good benefits for your body. However, of course you will not be able to deny that being in the sun for too long can also cause various diseases. One of them is hair loss.

This is because too much exposure to the sun will reduce the keratin in your hair. Keratin is a protein found in human hair, nails and teeth. So that reduced keratin will make your hair become cracked and eventually fall out.

12. Cigarettes

As is well known, the content in a cigarette has no significant benefits for our bodies. Not only does it contain addictive substances that can damage organs in the body such as the lungs and heart, but can also affect hair fertility.

This is because the addictive substances in cigarettes clog arteries, aka blood vessels. The impact of course will reduce the flow of nutrients to the body, including those to the head. In the end, the hair follicles will be damaged and make your hair fall out even more.

13. Infection

If there is an infection on your scalp, immediately see a doctor. Because if not treated immediately, the infection can cause hair loss.

For quick treatment before going to the doctor, you can use antifungals and special shampoos for treating fungal spores and hyphae. However, for better results, of course you should still check with your hair doctor to get antifungal tablets.

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Recognize the Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Avoid As Much As Possible

Those are some of the causes of hair loss in women that you can pay close attention to. Minor amounts of hair loss are usually ignored, but if you don’t treat them right away, it’s not funny if your head goes bald.

Hair is a beautiful crown that adorns a woman’s head, therefore it would be better if you avoid things that can cause baldness. If it’s already done, immediately find the cause and treat it according to the thing that causes hair loss. If you have, beautiful and shiny hair will definitely be yours.

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