Recommend Things You Like

Again, Instagram is launching a new feature, its name is Instagram Guide. What is Instagram Guide? What is its function? How to use? Read on!

Getting to know Instagram Guide

Instagram Guide is a new feature that was just launched by Instagram that aims to share information that you want to recommend to Instagram users or followers.

The shape is actually similar to a blog. You can add a photo or video and make an explanation in that section.

This feature is useful for anyone, good influencerbusinesses, or casual users who want to share recommendations about a place, product, or post you’ve already shared.

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Recommend Things You Like

Types of recommendations you can add

So in this Instagram Guide feature, there are three types of recommendations that you can make or add, namely:

1. Places

You can recommend a place such as a restaurant, tourist destination, city, and others. Then, you can search for the place in the search field, or take it from your own post.

If you want to take it from your post, make sure that you include the location when creating the post. For example, when I go to a place, I definitely add the location, so my posts and places I’ve visited will appear.

recommended place on instagram guide
View recommendations based on places in my Instagram Guide

2. Product

Second, you can recommend products. This feature is suitable for online shop who want to classify and explain the products they want to recommend.

It’s just that the selected product must have been added through the features Instagram Shop.

You can check Tokopedia’s IG. The way they use this Instagram Guide feature is great.

So they will create content for example “Gifts Ala Titan” or “Hampers Christmas Budget 200k” then they will recommend some products that can be linked directly to their site.

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3. Post

Well, the last one is recommending post. This feature is wider in scope because you can recommend anything. For example, a tutorial on how to cook, for traveling, you can include an example itinerary.

You can also recommend tips, products, favorite foods, which are collected from posts that you have made before.

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How to make Instagram Guide

First you have to update to the latest version of Instagram. Well, after that, you can use this feature or create a Guide on Instagram.

Follow these steps to create an Instagram Guide:

1. Go to your Instagram Feed and tap on the + icon at the top right.

how to add instagram guide

2. Tap Guides.

instagram guide

3. Choose whether you want to recommend a place, a product, or a post. Because I want to make a guide based on posts, so I choose post.

types of recommendations on instagram guide

4. Select the post you want to recommendtap next.

make instagram guide

5. Add a title and a description or description of the post. You can add a post by tapping the bottom “add post”

instagram new features

How to see the Instagram Guide that has been made and examples

After that, you can go to your feed, then under Instagram Story Highlight there is a new icon shaped like a book or pamphlet.

You can share to your IG Stories by pressing the button like the arrow on the top right, besides that you canedit again if you want to change the description or add a new post.

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example of instagram guide results
Recommend Things You Like

Recommend Things You Like
Recommend Things You Like


Again, the function of Instagram Guide is to recommend places, products, or posts to followers or audience you. This feature is similar to a blogpost where you can add an image along with a description for a more detailed explanation.

How? According to you, Instagram Guide features is this interesting? Also read my article about how to add Instagram followers for free, fast, and safe.

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