Recommendations for the Best-selling Make Over Lipstick Colors on the Market

Make Over lipstick colors are very diverse. Some of the best-selling shades are nude colors that can be used every day.

One of the lip makeup products from Make Over which is quite popular in the market is Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream. This product is able to cover the entire surface of the lips and also has a long enough resistance. Some of the following Make Over lipstick colors are the best-selling lipsticks on the market.

The texture is creamy make Make Over lip cream easy to apply. In addition, this lip cream will not make lips feel dry, even though it has a matte finish. For daily use, you just need to apply a lip balm before using this lip cream so that the results don’t look bad.crack.

If you like the type of lip cream, the Make Over brand can be the right choice. You can choose one shade best seller, so that your appearance looks cooler and more attractive.

1. Shade 03 Secret


This shade is a color nude which will not make you look pale. You can use this shade every day to make your make-up look more natural. With a hint of orange, this shade will make your facial skin brighter. This is what makes the lipstick color from Make Over quite popular in the market.

2. Shades 04 Vanity

The color of this Make Over lip cream also goes into a nude color that can cover black lips. You can use this brown lipstick on a daily basis and give an elegant impression when you use it. You can use it to campus or to the office which will not give a minor impression when using it.

3. Shade 08 Libertine

This Make Over lipstick color is one of the best-selling colors on the market. This shade has a blend of brown and pink colors which is perfect for you girls for everyday use. You can use it in everything look make up without having to worry about the color looks flashy. Plus, this shade is suitable for all skin tones.

4. Shade 09 Posh


Shades it has color deep rose which will make you look brighter. Shades This is suitable for use in all formal and daily activities, even you will look elegant and mature when using it shade This Make Over lip cream. You can also use it as ombre lips to color the inside of the lips.

5. Shades 10 Lux

If you like color lipstick nude, shade It is suitable for all skin tones. Shades it has color nude pinkies beige which will create a natural look on your face. Shades This will not make you look pale and is suitable for use by owners of brown skin characters.

6. Shade 11 Pompous


Shades this also includes nude shades which you can use everyday. With color hint A slightly tanned orange won’t make you look pale. You can also make it a base ombre lips for a make-up look that looks younger, but still trendy.

7. Shade 12 Couture

Shades This is perfect for those of you who have brown skin. Shades with color medium brown it becomes color nude which you can use everyday. The color of this lip cream will not make you look pale and the look you get is natural and wise make-up that is suitable for going to campus.

Choosing a lipstick color is very important to keep your appearance fresh. The Make Over lipstick color above can be a reference for those of you who are looking for a nude lipstick but it won’t make you look pale.

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