Recommended 10 Applications to Increase Millennial Student Productivity – Student Zone – Hello Zone friends, Mimin is here again, who yesterday was upset because of a toothache. This time, Mimin has done a long research on applications that can increase the productivity of Zone Buddies.

Of course, a productive life is indeed one of the wishes of Zona Buddy. Moreover, during lectures, we as students must always have a good and orderly life. Say while doing college, organizing, and working. Well, here are the applications that Mimin will present to increase the productivity of Zone Buddies.

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1. Evernote

Illustration of the Evernote Apk (Photo: MobileWorld)

The first application that Mimin wants to recommend is Evernote, the following application is like a digital dairy that you can use. Evernote can help Zone Buddy record all the necessary information, even in the application Zone Buddy can make text notes, photos, and even record audio. It’s fun!

2. CamScanner

CamScanner Display (Photo: TheWeek)

Well, Mimin’s favorite application is CamScanner, which is an application that can help scan your tasks using only an android phone. Usually during college assignments, Mimin is asked to scan handwritten assignments, so the following application seems mandatory for millennial generation students to have right now.

3. Smart Recorder

Display of Smartfren Recorder (Photo: Vidmore)

When you do an online lecture, of course, sometimes we need a file record of lecture material. The record file is interesting when you are recording using video or in the form of recordings. Thus, the Smartfren Recorder application is very useful for recording lecture material.

4. WPS Office and PDF

WPS Office view (Photo: Saifullah)

This application from the ‘era’ of bahula to the ‘modern’ era remains faithful to using WPS Office and PDF. This application is an application that can open pdf and word files on your Android phone. The interface is easy and of course friendly enough for us to understand.

5. Ipusnas

Display of ipusnas (Photo: Nextren)

How are you reading Zone Buddy? Is it still easy to open a book at this time? If it runs smoothly, you should download the Ipusnas application. This application is a digital library application that you can use for reference for lectures and reading activities. Of course, it is very productive for the Zone Buddy to have.

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6. Google Meet or Zoom

Illustration of google meet (Photo: Computer info)

Next up is Google Meet or Zoom, where these applications are perfect for Zone Friends who want to study online. Especially now that it’s online college season, of course, this application is very useful for Zone Friends to have on your Zona Buddy Android phone.

7. Canva

Canva illustrations (Photo: Canva)

The next application is Canva, which is a photo editing application that is useful for editing your photos. Usually there are assignments given by the lecturer with a design model, and the application is suitable for download zone friends on the PlayStore.

8. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism scanned image (Photo: Files win)

Of course, every assignment sometimes we have to include the results of plagiarism. So that the Plagiarism Checker application is very suitable for the Zone Buddy, and the application is very useful, of course.

9. Trello

Trello View (Photo: Projecttredelles)

Trello is an application that allows you to keep track of your Zone Buddy’s daily agenda. Moreover, every time there are many organizational agendas, this application is perfect for managing the daily management of Buddy Zone.

10. Organize

Illustration of the organizze application (Photo: a blussa favorite)

Okay, the last is the organizze application, where the application is useful for Zone Friends to manage daily and monthly finances. Especially when you are a student, of course you have to take care of your financial management, so you don’t get stuck at the end of the month.

Recommended 10 Applications to Increase Millennial Student Productivity

Here are 10 recommendations for applications that are suitable and useful for you, especially when you are a student and have a lot of assignments to do.

Don’t forget to turn on notifications to stay updated with other interesting information only in the Student Zone. Goodbye!

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