Recommended 5 Applications for Making Infographics, 99% Recommended – Student Zone – Hello Friend Zona, back again with Mimin who will bring you tips for making infographics easily and simply. The infographic that Mimin will provide is a recommendation for an infographic application.

Many dong, who have a task from the lecturer to make an infographic. Moreover, such as the Buddy Zone majors such as IT, and even Architects, of course you will not miss this one task. With this application, all of your Zone Buddy problems will be resolved.

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Pik To Chart

Logo piktochart (Photo: G2)

One of these sites is quite recommended for Zone Friends who want to make infographics easily and up to date. Pik to chart is here as a site that is easy to use but can produce interesting infographics.

You just need to choose some interesting templates, then create an interactive diagram for the Buddy Zone assignments that are ordered by the lecturer.


Illustration of the visage display (Photo: Jalan Tikus)

The second site is vism. the visual content of the visam fits perfectly in what we want it to be. This site is a single platform, with many templates, for creating infographics, presentations, diagrams, web banners, animations, and resumes.

Apart from that, the Visme site is also equipped with more than 100 fonts, thousands of free vector assets, and graph tools. We can share it online, embed it on the website, or download it for offline use. Price: Free maximum for 3 projects. While the paid version $ 6 / month.

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Venngage display (Photo: Venngage)

One of these applications offers the use of templates with hundreds of different diagrams, ads and even images to choose from.

Zone friends can use this application in making infographics as you wish. In addition to its good personalization, Sobat Zone can also move it so that the infographic looks interesting and visually pleasing.


Canva look (Photo: Canva)

This site is indeed very fun, because Mimin is also one of its users. So it is very appropriate to be recommended to Zone Friends.

In this Canva application and site, there are various interesting templates that you will need to edit later for graphic or infographic design.


Biteable view (Photo: Biteable)

Biteable is a video media that you can maximize in creating video content or infographics for Facebook and YouTube. Biteable is a desktop tool that offers hundreds of video clips and images that you can easily integrate into templates that have a professionally designed look.

In addition to interesting clips, Biteable also provides some simple animations and claymation that can help produce quality and interesting videos in a fairly short time.

Recommended 5 Applications for Creating Infographics, 99% Recommended

Those are 5 applications that you can use in making imfographics or college assignments related to graphic design. Don’t forget to comment if it’s useful.

Mimin says goodbye first, don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website notifications to stay updated with other interesting info. See you later!

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