Recommended 5 Mask Products for Whitening Faces from Local Brands

Not confident with dull and not glowing skin? Just try these 5 mask products to whiten your face!

Masks are one of a series of products skincare which can make your skin bright, healthy, and glowing. The masks themselves consist of various types, such as: sheet mask, wash-off, peel offand sleeping mask. While the content in the mask is intended to overcome various skin conditions, one of which is to brighten. Already a lot local brand which produces masks to whiten the face and make glowing.

Curious about what local mask products can overcome dull facial skin so that it glows brighter but doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket, here are some recommendations!


Speaking of masks, Sariayu is one brand a local company that has always been consistent in producing skin care products with natural ingredients. One of his famous mask products for brightening is the Sariayu Putih Langsat Peel Off Mask.

Face mask peel off This one contains langsat fruit extract, hibiscus flower, and provitamin B5 which can remove dead skin cells and brighten the face. In addition, this mask also does not make the face feel dry after use. The price will also not make a hole in the bag, around Rp. 30 thousand for 75gr.

2. Lacoco Watermelon Glow Mask


sleeping mask different from other types of masks that must be rinsed some time after use. As the name suggests, sleeping mask Use it while you are fast asleep and rinse it off the next day. Well, one sleeping mask local hits and get lots of positive reviews from fans beauty enthusiast is Lacoco’s Watermelon Glow Mask.

In addition to watermelon as the main ingredient, Lacoco Watermelon Glow Mask also contains bananas as antioxidants that can eliminate fine lines. In addition, there are other ingredients that can make facial skin extra moist and glowinglike aloe vera, evening primrose, and seaweed. Beauty without a virgin is like a satire for a boyfriend who doesn’t want to spend money for the happiness of his partner.

3. Emina Masquerade Face Mask Rice

The next mask product for whitening the face comes from the Emina brand. sheet mask Variant’s Eminarice‘ can make dull skin bright and glowing. The reason is, Emina Masquerade Face Mask Rice contains essence and abundant serum that functions to brighten and moisturize. Emina Masquerade Face Mask Rice is suitable for those of you who have dry skin.

You can get Emina Masquerade at the nearest cosmetic store or marketplace for Rp. 13 thousand. Like studying at, buying cosmetics, of course, needs to be bought wisely.

4. Kleveru Rose & Sea Buckthorn Pink Mask

Only just launch At the beginning of March 2021, this Kleveru mask product was quite attractive to women, especially skincare junkies. Contains Sea Buckthorn, Premium Rose Essential Oil, and Rosehip Extract, clay mask Kleveru can provide a brightening effect, fade acne scars, and soothe the skin.

Even though it contains AHA, Kleveru Rose & Sea Buckthorn Pink Mask does not have scrub so it’s safe for skin and health skin barrier stay awake. Weighing 120 grams, the price is Rp. 125,000 and can be purchased online at official reseller Kleveru or marketplace.

5. Luxcrime Turmeric Jasmine Mud Mask


Enriched with turmeric extract which is high in antioxidants, Luxcrime Turmeric Jasmine Mud Mask can help brighten and reduce redness. In addition, the content of other ingredients such as jasmine extract serves to moisturize and roots licorice helps skin look brighter and younger.

If you need a mask to whiten your face from dullness and redness without a dry effect on your face? So, mud mask Luxcrime this might be what you need.

Of the 5 masks for whitening the face above, which one is your favourite?

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