Recommended 7 Free and Legal Movie Watching Sites – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! How are you? Mimin will share interesting information, namely recommendations for 7 free and legal movie watching sites. In times of a pandemic like this, we shouldn’t visit public places too often even to watch a movie.

Therefore, now watching movies is made easier with the service stream ranging from paid and free. So, you can watch it anywhere and anytime. Here are 7 sites to watch movies that are free and legal. Come on, see the reviews and happy reading!

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Antelope Playlist Studio

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The first site is Antelope Playlist Studio which provides free and legal movie watching services. This site provides some cool playlists of short films that you can watch online. So, you can adjust to your own taste.

Freedom Film Festival

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This free and legal movie watching site comes from Malaysia, you know. Freedom Film Festival provides a collection of documentaries. If you are bored with the same kind of movies, you can access the site recommended this.


Popcornflix display image (Photo:

Then there is Popcornflix which can be your choice to watch free and legal movies. This site provides a wide variety of movies and television shows to entertain you.

And more interestingly, Zone Buddy can access it via mobile phones and PCs. So, you can watch movies anytime and anywhere.


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The next site, namely Kanopy. This site provides films with various genres, such as horror, comedy, action, romance, and many more. For Zone Friends who like classic films, Kanopy can also be the right choice.

Then, in order to access it, you only need to be a member of an online library, either from a public library or campus. So, it is very suitable for students who are tired from lecture activities.

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Viki display image (Photo:

Maybe some people are familiar with this site. Viki provides a collection of movies to dramas, which you can access anytime and anywhere. In fact, if you want to find old films, Viki also provides you. Anyway very recommended!


Hoopla display image (Photo:

The Hoopla site not only provides free comic reading services, but also watches movies and TV series which are of course free. But, unfortunately there is a limit to borrow movies here. Because, the system is like a library. So, you are like borrowing a DVD at a movie rental.

Redbox Free Live TV

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The last site, namely Redbox Free Live TV. The concept of this site is traditional television. Thus, there are many genres available in 60 channels, such as news, cultural content, comedy, to TV series.

Recommended 7 Free and Legal Movie Watching Sites

Those are 7 recommended sites to watch movies that are free and legal. I hope this helps and happy watching!

Hopefully this review is useful for Zone Buddy. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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