Recommended BB Cream for Oily Skin

BB creams for oily skin are widely available in the market. The following products are the right choice.

BB cream is one of them complexion which is quite widely used. In addition to being light when used, the formula of the BB cream has also been adapted to a person’s skin type. Can you adjust it to your skin type? Well, if you have oily skin, this BB cream for oily skin can be your best choice.

For owners of oily skin, now there are many BB creams that can be tried without causing excessive shine on the face. Some brands usually have added formulas oil free which is able to make facial skin shine-free with good results matte. You can try the following BB cream brands for: daily make-up.

1. Caring Color BB Cream

This BB cream has results matte which is suitable for oily skin. The texture is creamy This BB cream doesn’t feel sticky when you use it. Besides that, coverageits to medium It is also able to disguise acne scars. You can use it comfortably and shine-free all day long.

2. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton


If you like Korean cosmetic brands, you can choose the Etude House brand for everyday make-up. This BB cream from Etude House has a thick texture and is easy to blend into the face. In addition, this product is also very light, making it comfortable to wear everyday.

With a matte finish, this BB cream is suitable for oily skin. Interestingly, this product is enriched with pearls which can make facial skin brighter. In addition, this BB cream is also not easily oxidized, so it will not turn gray when used.

3. Holika-Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream


This BB cream from Holika-Holika is suitable for oily skin owners. With the substance of Alaska glacier water This makes this product able to help moisturize the skin without removing the skin’s natural moisture.

With an anti-spill packaging, this BB cream for oily skin is very safe to use when traveling. How to take it is very hygienic with the help of a spatula. Not only does it prevent the product from being contaminated, you can also take the product as needed.

4. Skin Aqua BB Perfect Matte


You can use this Japanese product and it has an anti-glare formula. With a natural finish, you can use this product every day without worrying about looking putty.

Interestingly, this product only has 1 shade which can be used for all skin types. Even though it comes from Japan, this product is now widely available in several Indonesian cosmetic stores at an affordable price.

5. Maybelline Dream Pure BB

As the wise words of education “only use and do something useful”. This BB cream from Maybelline has many benefits that you can get. Besides being suitable for oily skin, this BB cream from Maybelline is also able to moisturize facial skin. Interestingly, the coverage of this BB cream is able to cover black spots on the face and make facial skin look smoother.

Its light texture makes this BB cream very comfortable to use for daily activities. Even for acne-prone skin, this BB cream is equipped with 2% salicylic acid which can reduce acne-causing bacteria, disguise pores, and reduce redness on facial skin.

BB cream for oily skin needs to be chosen properly, so that facial skin does not look like an oil refinery. The product recommendations above can be your choice to appear more confident.

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