Recommended Cheap Franchise Business

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has caused a lot of employees to be laid off because the company they work for is affected by the sluggish economy.

As a result, many people are starting to look for ideas and business opportunities to find income. Being a businessman in fact does not have to use a large capital.

With the right capital, you also have the possibility to run a business.

One of them is with you becoming a food franchise partner. Culinary business, such as a food franchise, is a business opportunity where the profits obtained are quite promising and also provide benefits for the owners.

Many people are now starting to be interested in following this business. This happens because the capital you spend can return in a relatively fast period of time.

Even by doing the right method it is very possible for you to become a millionaire just by becoming a business partner of a food franchise.

And for those of you who have mediocre capital and are interested in becoming a franchise partner, this time we will explain some cheap franchise businesses that are recommended for you. Intrigued by this, just take a look at the reviews below well !!!

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What are the Recommended Cheap Franchise Businesses?

1. Mr. John Singapore

The first cheap franchise business and highly recommended for you is Mr. John Singapore.

This business sells products in the form of bread that has various kinds of fillings contained in it. This bread is currently popular among Indonesian culinary connoisseurs.

Until now, it is known that Mr. John Singapore has dozens of partners spread throughout Indonesia.

Meanwhile, to become a partner, the capital you need is quite affordable, starting at a price of around Rp. 8,000,000.


costs include equipment for selling and a bonus of 50 servings of raw materials. The profits that you can later get from this franchise reach 9 to 18 million rupiah each month.

2. Baked

For the next cheap franchise business that is recommended for you, namely grilled donuts. This franchise was founded in 2008, and now it even has dozens of outlets spread across the islands of Sumatra and Java.

The product made by Baked Donuts is indeed quite unique. Because these donuts will not be fried, but burned.

In addition, you can find up to 42 flavor variants, which of course makes the donuts more attractive to consumers.

So that later you can join in this cheap franchise business, then the capital required is only Rp. 7.5 million rupiah, which is of course very affordable.

3. Candy Crepes

It has been established since 2013 and has become one of the most popular low-cost franchise businesses in Indonesia.

When you decide to become a partner in the Candy Crepes franchise, then later you will get very adequate equipment and ready to sell.


will also not be charged a royalty fee, so 100% of the sales will be yours.

And for the franchise package offered by Candy Crepes itself, starting from Rp. 6.7 million rupiah to Rp. 9.8 million rupiah.

4. Kuch2hotahu

The name of the next franchise business is indeed quite unique, namely Kuch2hotahu. The special fried tofu franchise has won many awards.

This makes the franchise more popular and much sought after by Indonesian culinary connoisseurs.

Currently, there are at least more than 500 partner outlets and distributors from Kuch2hotahu. Meanwhile, to join the franchise, you will get two package options.

The package is a mini package for IDR 10,000 and a regular package for IDR 8.5 million.

5. Meatballs Benhil

For the people of the capital, of course, already familiar with this one food, namely Bakso Benhil.

This is because the Bakso Benhil business is well known and is often covered by various electronic and print media.

In addition, the Bakso Benhil franchise is included in one of the best-selling culinary franchises in Indonesia.

When you decide to partner with these meatballs, you will be provided with training in the future.


training is about how to do good service, determine the layout of the restaurant, calculate profit, price and the most appropriate promotion strategy. The cost of the Bakso Benhil franchise itself is very affordable.

In this case, you only need to prepare Rp. 4,000,000 only. The cost is very cheap, because here you are not required to use cooking equipment from the franchise package. So that later you will be able to save expenses that you have to spend.

Is it true that Popchicik Chicken is included in the Cheap Franchise Business?

6. Popchick Chicken

One of the contemporary food franchises that is quite popular in Indonesia is Popchick Chicken.

The franchise itself has been around for a long time. The number of partners currently owned has reached more than 500 and has been widely spread throughout Indonesia.

The franchise offers several packages that you can choose from, complete with stoves and cooking utensils. For the cost of the package itself starts from Rp. 7.9 million rupiah.

7. Magu Magu Chicken

A food franchise in the form of crispy fried chicken which has 6 delicious flavors, namely Magu Magu Chicken.

This business is one of the cheap franchise businesses that you can choose. It should be noted that in this business there are four types of partner packages that can later be adjusted to your budget. The cost itself is Rp. 4.6 million rupiah to Rp. 11.3 million rupiah.

8. Taw Taw Know

The next cheap franchise business at an affordable price that you can get for under Rp. 10 million rupiah, namely Taw Taw Tahu. The franchise uses the basic ingredients of delicious savory and crispy tofu.

The package offered by this franchise starts from Rp. 4.2 million rupiah with a process of 7 to 10 days. Taw Taw Tahu will later help you for online promotions to increase sales.

9. Shizuka Takoyaki

For this type of franchise, it does sell food from the State of Sakura, namely takoyaki. The franchise’s name is Shizuka Takoyaki.

Takoyaki itself is a food in the form of small balls made of flour and inside it is filled with octopus meat.

To become a partner in the franchise, the required capital is very cheap, which is only Rp. 2.2 million rupiah only.

With that amount of money, you will also get various kinds of equipment that are in accordance with the Shizuka Takoyaki SOP.