Recommended Indonesian Novel Reading Platforms That Can Be Accessed Free

Recommended Indonesian Novel Reading Platforms That Can Be Accessed Free

Want to read free online novels in Indonesian? This is indeed a fun activity while filling your spare time. Now, you can read them online on several digital platforms.

Even if you are bored with the story in one novel, you can download another application. So you can read a lot of novel titles in the same cellphone. Unlike when it is in the form of a book which is heavy when carried everywhere.

Free Online Novel Reading Application in Indonesian

To be able to read novels in Indonesian for free, you only need a mobile phone and a smooth internet network. With a variety of novel genres from romance to horror, from youth to children’s novels. You can choose everything according to your taste.

In order to feel the benefits and pleasure of reading free online novels in Indonesian, you can try some of the applications below:


This application is quite popular among readers because it has long been known as a place for unique writings, ranging from romantic stories, horror, and many more.

Only with a cellphone and internet network, you can enjoy various exciting stories for free anytime and anywhere. In addition to reading story recommendations from Wattpad, when you have your own story, you can also publish it on this platform.

What’s more, if you don’t want to read it online, you can also read it offline. With a user-friendly interface design, this application is quite liked by readers from various circles.


The application for reading novels in Indonesian, which is also free, is NovelPlus, which provides many stories from various genres in it. If you like school children’s stories, for example, in this application there are quite a number of interesting titles to read.

Similar to the Wattpad application, in NovelPlus you can also read free novels as well as write there and publish your works for free. When your writing is interesting and read by many users, it will enter the editor’s choice or novel recommendation.

In this latest version made by, it has been updated with many new novel titles. In addition, many bugs have been fixed so that users are more comfortable and smooth without interruption.

The advantage of this application is unlimited access to various books and novels of various genres. In addition, you can connect with other authors or readers and discuss directly. Please note, to download this application you must use Android version 4.2 and above. has become one of the mainstay platforms for several popular writers in the country. Although for some premium story titles, they can only be read after topping up and paying using storial coins.

This application provides reading from various genres such as biographical novels, romantic novels, fantasy, children’s novels and so on. So you can switch to other genres when you are tired of reading novels or want to find a different new story.

The advantage of this application is that it offers the AudioStory feature, the feature of sharing favorite quotes to social media and also holding writing competitions with prizes of millions of rupiah. However, to download it requires Android version 4.2 and above because it has a size of 19 MB.


NovelToon is perfect for teenage readers. Because when you first enter, you will be asked to choose your gender and year of birth.

Based on these data, NovelToon will recommend the type of novel according to the age of the reader. Even besides being able to read for free, you can also create your own library by downloading novels and reading offline anytime and anywhere.

When you feel tired of reading for various reasons, you can use the Podcasts and AudioBooks features. Because with these two features, you can listen to your favorite stories that make you curious.


This free online novel reading application in Indonesian offers a different way of reading. Even reading a novel on Joylada can be as fun as chatting with a crush, so many people like it.

The Joylada application claims to be the first chat novel in Indonesia with thousands of writers and active readers in Indonesia. Even when reading stories in this application, you will like seeing a conversation in a chat application such as LINE Messenger or WhatsApp.

The advantage of this application is that you can see the characters in it replying to each other. With a unique interface design and a wide selection of genres, you can even create your own chat stories.

There are many more free online novel reading applications in Indonesian that you can use on the Playstore. You can try all of them first until you find the most suitable.

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