Recommended Shade Implora Lip Cream Matte for Daily Activities

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Implora Lip Cream Matte is suitable for everyday use. Take a peek at the shade of lip cream that is suitable for daily make-up.

Implora Lip Cream Matte is one of the most popular products from the Implora brand. Its light texture at an affordable price is the choice of lip cream that is most widely used in everyday life.

If you are interested in using this lip cream for daily activities, you will definitely be grateful for this article, where it is good to know the shade of this Implora lip cream. So, in order to further solidify your choice to use this lip cream, it’s good to find out more about Implora lip cream as follows.

Even though it is famous for its lip cream at a low price, Implora has a packaging that doesn’t need to be doubted. Packed in a cardboard box with a dominant black color, this lip cream looks more luxurious. As for the applicator, it is also good enough to be applied to the lips.

Interestingly, this lip cream from Implora is very light to use. The texture is creamy, so it glides easily on the lips. You also don’t have to worry about this lip cream causing dry lips, because there is already a moisturizer in the lip cream.

In addition, this lip cream from Implora also has good pigmentation and is able to cover black lips perfectly. You don’t have to worry when eating and drinking, because this lip cream has advantages transfer proof.

Implora Matte Lip Cream Color for Daily Activities.

Lip Cream Implora itself has 12 shades, all of which have been adapted to the skin tone of Indonesian women. You can choose it according to your favorite color to use every day. So, if you’re looking for an Implora lip cream color recommendation, here it is shade which can be selected.

1. 01 Dusky Nude

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For daily activities, you can use shade 01 with a brownish nude color. In addition to giving a natural impression on your everyday look, this shade is also able to cover the black color on your lips. Interestingly, for those of you who like ombre lips, shade from Implora Lip Cream Matte, this is really suitable as a base.

2. 04 Medeline

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For those of you who have tan skin who want to look brighter, shade 04 from Implora is suitable for you to use. In orange with hint Chocolate will make you look fresher. Interestingly, this shade will still make your facial makeup natural and not bulky.

3. 07 Truffle Mauve

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Nude shades are lip cream shades that are perfect for your everyday use. Similar to the Dusky Nude shade, this Truffle Mauve shade has a slightly darker color. Even so, this shade is still safe to use for all skintones. You don’t need to worry because this Truffle Mauve shade is able to cover your dark lips.

4. 08 Pink Latte

If you want to use pink nude, shade Pink Latte is the right choice. This shade is also suitable for daily activities without making your makeup pale. You can also use it as a base ombre lips use shade this is to make korean make-up looks.

5. 10 Gingerbread

If you are a light skintone owner, this shade is suitable for daily activities. With orange color combined with brown will make your appearance brighter. The color of this lip cream is also quite subdued and you can use it when you go to work or college.

Implora Lip Cream Matte is the right cosmetic choice for everyday use. Besides being cheap, the shade of this lip cream can also be used daily. From the lip cream shades above, is there your favorite shade?

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