Recommended Whatsapp Substitute Applications –

Recommended Whatsapp Substitute Applications -
Recommended Whatsapp Substitute Applications -

Recently, WhatsApp has been in the spotlight by all its users. The internet is in a commotion because of the release of new provisions from WhatsApp which have caused concerns about the privacy of its users’ data.

The statement is about the sharing of data belonging to WhatsApp users with its parent company, Facebook.

All whatsapp users must agree to it in order to continue to use it. This policy will be effective from February 2021.

This policy is of course forced so that all WhatsApp users agree to it.

But instead of agreeing to it, now the world’s citizens have started to search and switch to other messaging platforms.

Summarized from several sources, here are some recommended WhatsApp replacement applications to use. But it must be underlined that all applications have advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, we must be wiser in choosing the most appropriate and efficient messaging application that is also effective for us to use as needed. Here are some replacement applications for whatsapp,

Recommended Whatsapp Replacement Application

1. Telegram

The first application that can be used as a substitute for WhatsApp is Telegram. Like other applications, Telegram has many advantages.

Some of the advantages are that the application is free, free from ads, is an application with faster message delivery than whatsapp,

using an end-to-end system that guarantees that the messages we send or get cannot be read by others and are also safe from hackers or pranksters.

Another advantage is that it is suitable for people with high file sending activities, because Telegram is able to send messages up to 1.5 GB, Telegram has a large capacity channel feature, can be used on several types of devices, can create chat groups with 30 thousand members.

Telegram takes up very little storage space and offers a sticker feature that can be accessed for free. The drawbacks of Telegram are the unavailability of the stories feature.

Unlike other messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Line, which already have the stories feature, Telegram still doesn’t have it.

According to several sources, it is suspected that Telegram still thinks that the user’s privacy is more important than the stories feature.

2. Line

The second application that is recommended as a replacement for WhatsApp is Line. The advantage of line is that it is a popular application, the chat group can accommodate up to 100 members, can make voice calls, send texts, photos and videos.

The disadvantages of the line application are instability when receiving and sending messages, the call feature can only work properly when using 3D/HSDPA data and also the application size is quite large which can affect line performance and other installed applications.

Recommended Whatsapp Replacement Application

3. Signal

Signal is an application that offers services to exchange messages. Similar to whatsapp, this application claims that it is safe to use.

Features that can be utilized are sending messages, voice messages or voice and also video calls and providing space to form grub conversations. This feature can be used for free.

The method of sending messages also uses end-to-end encryption. But the weakness is that this application is still rarely in demand by people in Indonesia so we have to rethink if we want to switch from the WhatsApp application and then switch to this signal application.

What are the advantages of using Eterprise BBM?

4. BBM Eterprise

Blackberry messenger has ruled as the king of chat applications that are in great demand by users in recent years.

However, with the presence of iPhone and Android smartphones, BlackBerry phones are slowly being abandoned by users. And instead, BlackBerry Limited officially released BBM Enterprise.

The BBM enterprise application is an application similar to the previous BBM. This app features private conversations, voice messages, videos and also provides secure grub conversations and it’s also free for a few months.

The advantage of BBM enterprise is that there is no data monetization and can be used on five devices at once.

But the drawback is that this application is paid for 6 months with a total price of 37,000 rupiah. And there is a trial version available for those of us who want to try it first

5. Viber

The next application that is recommended as a replacement for WhatsApp is Viber. Viber is a messaging application that can be accessed on smartphones based on Ios, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows Phone and Windows.

Some of the main features that are the mainstay of Viber are sending text messages, voice or voice, photos, locations, videos and also files.

A collection of accessible stickers, a chat group that can contain up to 200 members, can delete messages that have been sent, hidden chats and messages based on end-to-end encryption which certainly ensures security as well as several other key features that we can experience when using this application.

6. threema

Threema can be used by people who want total privacy and security while sending messages. Threema is the same as other messaging apps. We can send text messages, send photos, videos, locations and also files or files.

Threema can also make voice calls like the WhatsApp application or other applications. Threema fans can be said to be good because within 24 hours after its launch, threema has experienced an astonishing increase in users.

The mechanism for creating a treema account is simply to create a user ID associated with an email address or cellphone number.

So that we can search for contacts on threema by entering an email address or cellphone number.

Recommended Whatsapp Replacement Application

7. Skype

Skype is a free application that we can use to exchange messages. There are several advantages of Skype.

Among other things is having a subtitle feature or being able to translate voice and also words, Skype is available for free 100% by the way we simply download it on the playstore.

Skype also has a Giphy feature, which is an image feature that we can adjust to our mood and this feature aims so that we don’t get bored easily when chatting with our family or friends.

Another plus is that it is supported by the call recording feature. Where we can record all video, audio or voice call activities.

We can easily capture or save all our chats quickly. The next advantage is that Skype is easy to use, both for remote discussions, for meetings while working with anyone and anytime.

However, there are also drawbacks that Skype has, namely it cannot be used for emergency calls, wasteful of quota and data encryption services are not yet available so Skype users must be very careful in using them for daily communication activities.

The reviews above are 7 applications that we can use as a replacement application for whatsapp. Hopefully it is useful and we can use it according to our respective needs.