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In a twilight, in a bay in the east.

When the sun is no longer directly overhead, it will also show its most beautiful glow.

The white light of the afternoon would slowly turn to golden orange, followed by a blood-red tinge, interspersed with a melodious purple.

After he disappeared from sight, he still left behind the glows of the aging primary colors, blocking the sky from the pitch black state.

Luckily, when the eye can no longer see the rest of the twilight, the camera’s slow shutter can still sense the magical light.

Times like this give me goosebumps. I kept my camera pointed at the sun that afternoon. Incessantly the sound of the shutter from the camera broke the silence of the twilight. Like chasing my heartbeat.

I don’t want to miss any of the twilight moments at that time.


“Stop for a moment,” a soft voice suddenly rang out.

“But … soon the sun will be gone,” I said refusing.

“That’s it… put your camera down for a moment, let’s just enjoy this evening together, okay?” he said with a smile.

The black thing was still covering my face. I ignored it. Until a hand landed on my shoulder. Looking at me with a warm smile, he shook his head.

I lowered the camera from the face. Letting the afternoon warm golden light particles hit the face. I was stunned. Suddenly I want to keep this beauty in my heart.

“I love twilight,” he said again, still looking at the setting sun.


“He always gives a different color every day. Even though the sun is the same, somehow the twilight light is always full of hope. At the end of the day, he saw someone crying, but smiling,” he said with a smile.

“Me too. Since getting to know photography. Twilight is the first thing I always want to capture. The lines and shapes of the clouds that appear always seem romantic, don’t they?”

“You’re in too much of a hurry to shoot it. How can you get photos that touch other people’s emotions if you don’t feel it yourself? What exactly are you trying to capture?”

“Sometimes I feel that way too,”

“Soak it up first. In front of us, the sky; is one of God’s most beautiful canvases. You want to take pictures of her like you take those sexy girls?”

“I don’t think so…Ah, you’re…,”

Moments later, those golden lines appeared. He blushed with a yellowish purple. We looked at him sadly.

“Now is a good time to shoot it,” I said, setting the viewfinder on the tripod.

“You like red twilight right? This time I want to get it for you,” I said again with a wink.

He was still looking at the sunset with a smile.

This romantic twilight feels even more serene. The faint sound of the call to prayer called us from a distance.

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