Reflecting on Baim Wong, 6 parts of the house can become snake nests during the rainy season


In early February, artist Baim Wong said that he found 10 snake cubs in his house. Not only in the yard, but also in his son’s room.

Quote from CNN Indonesia, Hepertologist at the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Amir Hamidy said that the phenomenon of the appearance of snakes during the rainy season is a natural thing. The rainy season is when the cubs are born and they like damp places.

Therefore, it is Mother who must be more vigilant so that snakes do not come to the house. Reflecting on Baim Wong’s experience, Mother needs to pay attention to some parts of the house that might be a hiding place for snakes during the rainy season.

Which parts of the house can become a snake’s nest during the rainy season? The following is an explanation reported by various sources:

1. In the area of ​​​​unused items

Amir said that one part of the house that could become a hiding place for snakes was the area of ​​​​the pile of goods. Maybe you have a place to store unused items, such as cardboard, cloth, or other things in a room.

Areas of piles of unused items make it easy for snakes to hide in them. They will feel warm in the area, especially during the rainy season.

2. Bathroom

Another part of the house that is also vulnerable to being a hiding place for snakes is the bathroom. Snakes can enter through the drain pipe.

Not to mention that the condition of the bathroom which is always damp makes snakes like the room. For that, you are advised to use a filter on the drain pipe and always make the bathroom bright and dry when not in use.

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3. Attic

Another part of the house that can be a hiding place for snakes is the attic or roof of the house. Cracks in the roof make it easy for snakes to enter the house.

Not only that, if there are a lot of rats in your house, it can also trigger snakes to enter it. Attics or ceilings are generally dark and damp, so they can become nests for snakes and make it easier for them to hunt rats.

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