Registered in the Inactive Category – Student Zone – The latest news is about Slamet Riyadi University (Unisri) Surakarta which has imposed sanctions on thousands of students. Unmitigated, the sanctions are in the form of: drop out aka DO.

The main reason is that thousands of students were found not following the course of lectures until they ended up being dropped out by the campus.

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Explanation of the Chancellor of Unisri Surakarta

Picture of Unisri Surakarta (Photo: Tribune)

Slamet Riyadi University (Unisri) Surakarta recently imposed a punishment in the form of sanctions drop out (DO) to students. It is known, previously the campus had at least about 6,000 students. Meanwhile, a total of 1,726 students are inactive.

Students who have this status are expelled by the university because they do not attend lectures. In this case, the Chancellor of Unisri Surakarta Prof. Dr. Ir Sutardi Mapp.Sc stated that there were still dozens of non-active students who were given the opportunity to complete their thesis.

“However, dozens of them were listed as inactive, given the opportunity to complete their thesis,” he said, quoting Suara Baru.

The Chancellor also revealed that his party knew the non-active student through dashboard Dikti since some time ago early 2022.

Furthermore, he also explained that the university was confused by thousands of students who turned out to be inactive in lectures. In fact, there are students who are not active from lectures for ten years.

Regarding this, his party immediately followed up on the problem of non-active students. Moreover, he also mentioned that there was a previous rector’s decree which stated that students who did not attend lectures for four consecutive semesters would receive a letter from the campus.

If there is no answer from the relevant student after sending the letter, then the person concerned will be subject to a DO penalty. The rest, these problems will affect the university’s accreditation.

For now, the problem related to non-active students has been resolved. However, there are still dozens of students who are given the opportunity to continue their thesis.

“The problem of non-active students at Unisri has been resolved. Now it’s clean, there are only a few dozen who are in transition, for example, if they have a thesis, they will be given the opportunity,” he continued.

The campus also regrets that something as big as this could happen. Moreover, the chancellor also said that if a student applied for one semester leave, it would be allowed and would not end up being expelled.

Unisri Surakarta Drops Out Thousands of Students, Chancellor: Noted In Inactive Category

That’s information about Slamet Riyadi University (Unisri) Surakarta which gives sanctions drop out to thousands of students who are not active in lectures.

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