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When we hear the word Bali, what most of us imagine is Kuta and its surroundings bustling with tourists — crowded beaches, noisy parties at beach clubs, and Australian boys just out of school driving horribly rented motorbikes.

Maybe if you are young and the soul is still so-called-backpacker, Kuta and Legian are definitely favorite destinations. But if you want to vacation with your partner or family, do you want to join parties in Kuta? I do not think so. That’s why I prefer to go to areas like Nusa Dua or Ubud which are much quieter.

Luckily there is a toll road over the Bali Mandara sea, the journey from Ngurah Rai Airport to Nusa Dua can be reached in no more than 20 minutes.

Nusa Dua is famous for its beautiful hotels located in a tourism area. Pick one, you can’t go wrong with either. Like me, I chose one of the cool hotels below: Courtyard Marriot Nusa Dua.

Usually backpackers stay in thousand-star hotels, but I’m enough for 5 stars.

My time comes

Since I’ve never been around Bali by motorbike, so I rented a motorbike from Kuta and took it to Nusa Dua. Via the toll. Yes, on the toll road over the Bali sea there is a special lane for motorbikes, but be careful that it is carried away by strong winds because this is over the sea.

Arriving in front of the Courtyard gate, I was intercepted by a security guard in black who also seemed to be carrying a bloodhound.

“What business do you want, sir?” asked the security guard to me.

“I want to check in here,” I said with a smile. The security guard didn’t seem to believe it when he saw the bellboys who didn’t seem to have showered for a week with a battered matic motorbike wanting to check in at this 5-star hotel.

“May I know your name sir?” the father asked again with a surprised face.

“Keenan Pearce,” I replied. The security guard immediately saw the note and was shocked.

“Oohhhh, I’m sorry, sir, please come in this way, sir. Later, my colleague will immediately escort me to the lobby!”

Courtyard marriot building


Entering the lobby courtyard is like entering a palace. Spacious, cool, lots of chairs of various types. And lamps in the shape of long beams look like ice hanging in the cave. The ladies are very friendly and kind (beautiful too).


The lobby is also accompanied by Balinese gamelan music. Which turned out to be live! Right when I entered the lobby I saw two Balinese gentlemen playing the gamelan.

Gamelan players who make cool

Super comfortable room

I got this when I entered the room. A very personal touch :’)

Where is the Mrs?
This is my room facing the outside with a balcony made of trees
The cute squirrel on the balcony.
fluffy bed
Room facing the pool directly
Enjoying myself 🙂

Cozy and shady swimming pool (for sleeping)

This swimming pool is surrounded by buildings like the Harry Potter School, giving it a classic feel. The first time I saw this pool, I couldn’t help but want to jump right in!

Mz alone mz..

Yaolo it’s really nice to sleep here… :))
Suitable for family
Isn’t it fun?

MoMo Cafe

This hotel restaurant has many menus from western to traditional Balinese food. I was confused, it seemed almost all kinds of dishes were there.

Momo cafe is right next to the swimming pool
My breakfast. Round 1.
No one wants to go with this? 🙁
A morning to remember

Final Words

This hotel is perfect for relaxing. Very suitable for digital detox. Relieve fatigue.

I don’t do much here either. After a short swim in the morning and breakfast, I just sit by the pool reading a book and occasionally writing for this blog. Not far from me some Caucasians also do the same thing. The light breeze, the blue pool, and the beautiful courtyard buildings around it really make you tired from going somewhere.

Perfect place to recharge your energy.

Maybe later I will honeymoon there 🙂

This hotel is also very suitable for family recreation. There is a kids club to leave our children if we want to be alone (huh?). Not for those of you who are alone (it hurts when you’re there alone) *ehh* #CODE

Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua — Official Website

Tourism Area Lot SW1 8063 Bali – Indonesia

+62 – 361- 300 3888

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