Remember these words when you are under stress in the face of thesis – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Are you dizzy yet facing the script? If you’re already dizzy, stop for a moment, Mimin will give you some words when you are feeling stressed about your thesis. When you are tired of facing a thesis, don’t give up, but take a break and then start working again. Come on, just look at the following Mimin review.

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Trials Make You Stronger

Illustration of thesis exam (Photo: Wokeh)

If you really feel dizzy and don’t know what to do while working on your thesis, it’s better to take a short break. But don’t give up, because there are still many tests that will lie ahead. You also have to instill in yourself that the test will actually make you wiser and stronger.

This test is only temporary

The illustration of the thesis is only temporary (Photo: Diamma)

If you are really stressed tell yourself, calm down this test is only temporary. Because behind the difficulty of the thesis there are many surprises at the end that will await. So you have to keep the spirit to finish it. Think of this as just a momentary test.

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Sad, but not too long

Illustration, don’t be sad for too long (Photo: Universitasairlangga)

Friend Zona in the face of thesis, there are many obstacles that approach. You also have to always be strong in the face of it, therefore don’t get discouraged just because of the thesis. Trust me you will be able to face all these problems.

Overthinking won’t change anything

Illustration of overthinking (Photo: Kompasiana)

Overthinking is often faced by final students, but it would be nice if you don’t just think about it. You have to think about it while working on it, so that the thesis can be completed as soon as possible and you are free from it.

Remember these words when you are under stress in the face of thesis

Friend Zone, those are the words that you should think about when you are stressed about your thesis.

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