Requirements to Become a Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant (See the Salary!)

How to become a flight attendant? What are the requirements to become a flight attendant? How much is a flight attendant’s salary?

One of the jobs that are in high demand by many people is flight attendant. The reason is none other than the high salary, besides being able to fly to various countries as well.

Well, IPAGuides will have a chat with Violetta, one of the crew or a flight attendant for a well-known airline, namely: Singapore Airlines.

Until now Violetta has worked as a flight attendant for three years, has traveled the world to various countries due to job demands.

If you want to know directly how much is the salary of a Singapore Airlines flight attendant, you can directly scroll to the very bottom yes!

Requirements to become a flight attendant

Requirements to become a flight attendant vary depending on the airline.

These conditions usually include:

1. Minimum Age

The minimum age to become a flight attendant is a minimum of 18 years old. However, there are also airlines such as Emirates Airlines that apply a minimum registration age of at least 21 years.

Some airlines do not mention the age limit at registration, but Garuda Indonesia has a maximum registration age of 27 years.

2. Height

One of the important requirements to become a flight attendant is height. The ideal height is 1.58m for women and 1.65m for men. Body weight must also be ideal and have a proportional body posture.

3. Minimum Education

To become a flight attendant, the minimum education you must have is SMA/SMK/equivalent. Garuda Indonesia stated that D3 graduates and above are preferred.

The minimum education for Singapore Airlines is a minimum of a diploma or bachelor’s degree.

4. English Proficiency

English language skills are very important, especially for those who want to register as flight attendants for foreign airlines.

Preferably have a fluent ability in English, especially to communicate.

Usually in the interview process there is no need for a certificate stating English language skills, but there will be a test at the time of selection.

All foreign airline interviews will use English

The four requirements above are the most common requirements to become a flight attendant.

Some other conditions such as not having tattoos or visible scars, not wearing glasses (contact lenses allowed with a certain minus limit), and also have a healthy body.

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how to become a flight attendant
When flying to Paris

Interview and selection process to become a Singapore Airlines flight attendant

There are several stages that must be passed to become a flight attendant, namely registration, measurement of height and weight, a gradual interview process, an English test, sometimes there are also group discussion.

Well, now Violetta will share the experience when she followed interview and selection process to become a Singapore Airlines flight attendant. The stages are as follows:

1. Open recruitment/Walk in Interview

Previously, I was looking for info through the flight attendant forum or other sites on Google, when is there? open recruitment for Singapore Airlines.

Around July I came to the representative office that has been appointed by Singapore Airlines which is located in Jakarta to participate open recruitment which are held.

I only brought enough CV and passport photo. Registration is open from 9 am to 12 noon.

After collecting your CV, check your weight and height, then you will be given a number to wait until you are called for an interview.

First stage: Brief introduction

Around after lunchtime I was called into a room for the first interview. At this stage there are about 8-10 people who are called directly for an interview with the interviewer.

First should be a short self-introduction of about 30 seconds to 1 minute. I introduced myself by name, age, and also if I just graduated from college. If you have a previous work history, you can also mention it.

The most important tips must confident or confident. His English must be fluent as well and the way of speaking must be clear. Also immediately notified whether to proceed to the next stage.

Second stage: English Test

In the second stage there is an English test, a total of 15 multiple choice questions. More or less the test is about reading and also some questions about grammar.

Third stage: In-depth interview

If the first interview is more about self-introduction, this second interview is more in-depth. One room contains 3 people. Interviewer will ask about 10-15 minutes.

For example, what are your hobbies? What do you usually do everyday? Why do you want to be a flight attendant?

I can interviewerit’s pretty casual and relaxed. Try as much as possible not to be nervous and stay confident, friendly, and try to give a good impression to interviewer.

Well, more or less on the first day of the interview process there are three stages that must be passed. Then they will be informed directly on the same day whether they have passed to the final interview.

2. Final recruitment

In stage final recruitmentparticipants who have passed well in open recruitment previously will be combined or called together.

That means maybe in that year it will be held three times open recruitment, in January, March, and July. Those who pass this stage will all be summoned simultaneously in the final interview for example in August.

Because I’m coming open recruitment July so no need to wait too long for final recruitment which was held in August.

3. Skin check and test wearing work uniforms

At this stage, more detailed checks will be carried out, such as checking the skin whether it has visible tattoos, scars, or spots. Then try to wear a flight attendant uniform.

If you’ve ever seen a Singapore Airlines uniform, the model is similar to a kebaya, so the proportions of the body must be appropriate, they were told to test how to walk too.

At this stage, you can fail and be sent home. But given a second chance to participate in the next recruitment without having to go through the process on the first day.

So for example, if you are really bad, you get allergies, or your face happens to have lots of pimples, it won’t pass, but your data will still be saved if you want to try again at another time without having to interview start or test English again.

4. Final interview

Interview directly with three representatives from Singapore, about 15-20 minutes. The question is more casual as well as normal conversation.

I was asked have you been to Singapore before? What is your family’s opinion about working in Singapore? Goals in what life?

On the same day, you will immediately receive news whether you pass or not. After passing must medical check-up in Jakarta and work pass it will be taken care of soon.

5. Training to become a flight attendant

System training Singapore Airlines flight attendant is better per batch training. Every week there are about 4 people who will be in training from Indonesia together with other employees, so if you have passed you can wait a few months until you can finally go to Singapore, approximately 3-6 months depending on the needs of the employee/trainee at that time.

While waiting there are some administrative procedures that must be sent such as the documents needed to take care of it work pass.

In October my work pass approvedAfter that, air tickets will be sent to Singapore in November.

When I arrived in Singapore, I got a hotel, I had to medical check-up again. Can still be sent home if the result medical check-up-it doesn’t pass.

The cases that most often arise are usually because there are spine problemor problems in the spine.

I started training at the end of November for 3 months, then I entered the stage probation or a trial for 6 months, and if there are no problems will be contracted for 5 years.

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Tips for passing flight attendant interviews

  • Have to be confident
  • English articulation must be correct and clear. By the way, don’t speed
  • Stay calmdo not nervous
  • Always smile and be friendly
  • body gestures and good attitude
Requirements to Become a Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant (See the Salary!)
Brighton Beach, Melbourne

What is the salary of a Singapore Airlines flight attendant?

This is the most curious part. What is the actual salary of a flight attendant? Of course it depends on the airline.

Singapore Airlines flight attendant salaries are divided into 3 parts, namely: Basic salary or base salary, flight hours, and meal allowance. The salary of a Singapore Airlines flight attendant is approximately SGD 4,000 – 5,000 per month.

  1. Basic salary. Base salary according to contract, starting from SGD 1,300.
  2. Flight hours. Calculated according to flight hours or when on duty.
  3. Meal allowance. It depends on the destination we are going to and the duration of our stay in that destination.

Benefits Other things that you get as a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines are:

  1. Travel benefits. Airfare discounts that can be used multiple times for Singapore Airlines, Scoot Airlines, and Silk Air. Once a year also get free tickets for parents as well or couples for those who are married.
  2. Medical and dental benefits. A kind of insurance that can be used when sick.
  3. Transport and Laundry allowance. Additional money for transportation costs and also laundry uniform.
  4. Discount. You can get discounts at shops, restaurants, or hotels that have a partnership with Singapore Airlines.

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Requirements to Become a Singapore Airlines Flight Attendant (See the Salary!)

Sad to be a flight attendant

I like being able to travel anywhere, getting paid again. Feel culture new, try new food, better new experience also.

The good thing about being a flight attendant is that you can buy things from abroad because some things in Singapore are more expensive.

For example, if you get a flight to Australia you can buy vitamins, if you fly to New Zealand you can buy honey. Goods abroad in addition to good quality the price is also cheap.

Continue to be able to travel often frugally also around the world.

As a flight attendant for foreign airlines, of course, you have the advantage of being able to live abroad. A

there are advantages and disadvantages too. The cost of living in Singapore is more expensive, so you have to be smart about managing your finances.

Being a flight attendant can feel international work environment. When you work, you can meet passengers from all over the world, so you can learn, make new friends, and sometimes have fun stories too.

The lifestyle of a flight attendant is quite exciting because in a month only work 10-14 days. The rest rest. The salary of a flight attendant is high, especially for those who have just graduated from college, they can save for the future.

So the flight attendant has a bad part too. The thing that feels the most about health is due to irregular sleeping hours.

For example, a flight to New York which is 18 hours, only gets 5 hours of rest on the plane. Not to mention that 2 hours before flying, I have to go to the office, and it takes time to get ready, make upand a trip to the airport.

Roughly for New York flights have to “work” for 24 hours. Irregular meal times. It’s not healthy to eat on the plane all the time. After long flight body will be tired. Want to rest and recovery just.

Being a flight attendant must be prepared to be away from the family. Sometimes you have to be willing missing out important eventsfor example a family member’s birthday, or a friend’s wedding.

working culture Singapore also still looks at seniors and juniors, so at first you have to be able to adapt to unfavorable working conditions.

sometimes face passanger who like complain especially Singaporean, natural because national carrier that’s why you have high expectations.

Thanks to Violetta for sharing her experience about how to become a Singapore Airlines flight attendantrequirements to become a flight attendant, Singapore Airlines flight attendant salary and other tips!

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