Respond to Different Types of Customers Through Chat? This is the Key

No matter how good or perfect your work is, you will always find customers who we can say need special handling. You just need to handle it properly and prepare yourself.

I will summarize and take examples of some of the customers you could say “requires special handling” The following are examples of these customers and how do you deal with them?

1. “I want now!”

This type of customer is the type of customer where he will not care about anything that is not available or not completed on time, they tend to channel their anger through words in conversation, such as

“You suck” ,

“I want this matter to be solved today too”,

“I want it now, otherwise I will go to another competitor!”

Situation happened:

For example, when a cheap domains which has just been paid after going through the previous expired process, then a waiting process is required cheap domains it returns. So when there are customers who have these characteristics, what should we do?

How to handle it?

Understand and try to catch the intent of the client, whether the customer really does not understand the meaning of their problem. Don’t force customers to do things they can’t do. Respond patiently no need to use emotions, wait until the customer feels more relaxed. After the customer feels calmer, then explain about the existing problem.

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2. Complain, complain and complain

Seeing and understanding the types of customers, examples of customers who always give complaints are indeed unique. If we look back, it is quite complicated to expect that customers can be satisfied when they complain. It’s natural that they don’t want to feel happy or satisfied.

id="situasi-yang-terjadi">Situation happened

Customers come into the conversation that is available in Livechat, and they are very detailed about various things ranging from changes in every process of our company. It’s good when the customer pays attention, but it can be seen that there is a difference between being critical and always looking for problems. So they tend to fall in love with existing problems, and forget the good things that are actually in front of their eyes.

id="bagaimana-menanganinya">How to handle it?

Again, listen to what they really want to say, don’t argue about what customers really want to say, they want us to listen. Give the assumption that complaints will always build the company in the future.

So it can be concluded, there are so many types of customers. And your job as customer assistance is to understand and accept when the customer is with us. Providing education is also very important to customers so that “your dream customer” will actually come true. It could be that it has a positive impact on your organization or your company, even yourself.