Review of 8 Colors Blush On Inez Super Pigmented and Long Lasting

Want to buy a blouse on Inez but are still unsure whether the color is suitable and also durable? All your questions have been answered here.

blush has an important enough role to make facial makeup look fresher and not flat. Brand many local have launched products blouse on with various claims and attractive colors. However, one brand who has been famous for a long time with products blouse on the best is Inez.

Besides eyeshadowits quite phenomenal, blush Inez also not less famous, you know. Well, for review more details, let’s see the information below.


+Besides blushInez Color Contour has a range of products, such as lipstick and eyeshadow the packaging is the same, namely the dominance of blue color and gold logo. However, blusher packaging and eyeshadow This Inez Color Contour is exactly the same, so sometimes it makes me sad because it can be confused if it is placed in the same place.

If you buy this product, you will get brush and a mirror that is large and clear enough to make you very satisfied when you want to touch up. The weight of the Inez Color Contour Plus Blusher is 6 gr.

9 Gorgeous Inez Blush Colors


There are 9 colors of Inez lip blush in the Inez Color Contour Plus Blusher series which are beautiful and can be adjusted to suit your needs skintone you, including:

  • Italian Sands (01)
    Red orange color with a little hint chocolate
  • Amaranth Pink (02)
    Amaranth Pink has color baby pink cooltone suitable for light skintone.
  • Burning Sands (03)
    Blush on Inez it’s the color like salmon, peachy pink so young
  • Autumn Rose (04)
    Shades Autumn Rose is suitable for many skintone, especially medium skin tones. Autumn Rose has a color combination of red, pink and orange.
  • Modest Blush (05)
    Modest Blush has an orange tint with a hint of hint pink, or more to coral. If you look at the pan, the color looks like thick but when applied to the skin the color is natural coral the beautiful one. Shade 05 Modest Blush seems to be the color blush many people’s favorite.
  • Persian Rose (06)
    Color barby pink or more to fuschia
  • Gold Dipped Brick (08)
    Color blush orange with a little hint peach which is suitable for use medium warm skin tone.
  • Amber Peach (15)
    Color blush it’s brownish orange and a little hint peach
  • Lady Inez (21)
    Color blush brown with a hint of red

The color choices are many and represent almost all Indonesian women’s skintones. Of the 9 blush color choices, have you found the right color for your skin tone?

Inez Blush Texture and Pigmentation


If in the pan, blush Inez looks shimmery with a glossy effect. However, when applied to the face, shimmer it’s very soft and impressive natural glow. Texture buttery, blendable and also powdery so you need to be careful when taking it.

Blush on Inez it has overall champion pigmentation which has its pros and cons. The advantage, of course, is that the product does not run out quickly because it is used a little and the color immediately comes out. Meanwhile, the drawback is that if you take it too enthusiastically, it will make your makeup look like it’s been beaten because the color is too tacky. In terms of durability, the performance of the Inez Color Contour Plus Blusher is unquestionable.

One thing to note for those who have quite a lot of texture on the face, you should avoid it blush shimmer because it can emphasize the texture.

So, for those of you who are looking for blush pigmentedcheap and durable, try it blouse on Inez this!

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