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Bandros Mejeng first

Some time ago, the mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, launched an open-top double-decker bus for tourists to travel around the city of Bandung.

Bandros. Short for Bandung Tour On Bus. An acronym that is smart and feels very Sundanese.

The idea is brilliant. An open double decker bus with a bright red color similar to that in London walks around certain points in the city of Bandung, while listening to the guide’s explanation of the places we pass.

It was fun at first. Everyone scrambled to sit on the second floor, taking pictures, laughing happily, until the bus started to leave Cibeunying park.

Just a few dozen meters after starting to walk suddenly heard a scream from behind me, “WATCH THE CABLES, NUNDUKKK!”

Spontaneously, everyone who was busy taking pictures was surprised. Reflexively, we all looked down so we wouldn’t get caught in the electric wires. But everyone is happy and looks like they are riding a ride in theme parks.

It’s nice, but DANGER.

I was not concentrating on listening to the guide explain about the destinations we passed. I concentrated more on seeing any wires or twigs that might pass overhead.

Unfortunately, Indonesia’s beautiful cities like Bandung must have electrical cables that run haphazardly on the ground. Not to mention the telecommunications cables that enliven. Have you ever seen the Braga intersection near Asia and Africa? That is one terrible example.

Bandros buses also seem to have started to look ‘tinned’. The paint on the metal was starting to peel off. Looks poorly maintained. Semar Jawi in Semarang still looks better.

So, for those of you who really want to ride Bandros, it’s better to be careful and concentrate fully. Let’s hope that the cables on the bandros route can be moved and we can comfortably enjoy Paris van Java.

Let’s see the photos below..

Bandros at Cibeunying Taman Park

At first we were like little kids who got on a double-decker bus for the first time

Nice to ride bandros. Photo by Satya
Still smiling

A few moments later the smile above can turn into something like this.

Tree branches pass over Bandros

Or like this.. ducking like a matrix film..

Oops, it’s going to be like a Matrix movie after a while :))

Look at the cable. Terrifying!


Avoid cables and twigs. Excited like riding kora-kora.

what are you doing mb?
The floor is starting to peel
Watch out!

What do you think? Still want to ride Bandros?


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