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From Semarang I took a car to Pekalongan. It took just two hours to pass through the busy north coast route with heavy trucks. But it took another hour and a half to the top to reach our destination: the Petungkriyono Ecotourism Area.

Curug Sibedug Pekalongan

Pekalongan is usually known as the city of batik craftsmen who have scorching hot weather. But it turns out that in his district there is an area on the slopes of a mountain that is very cool and far from air pollution.

Petungkriyono is often called the heart of Java, because oxygen levels are very abundant compared to other areas. There are also those who call it the land above the clouds. No wonder the air here makes my lungs thank you.

“In the area that was crowned the only one National Heritage Cultural Park There are many waterfalls (waterfalls) that you can visit. Beautiful for selfies!” said Mrs. Marlinda Irwanti, a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission 10 who also deals with tourism when welcoming a group of bloggers and media who visited Pekalongan Regency.

Curug is usually synonymous with heavy trekking into the middle of the forest. However, the trip to this waterfall does not need to sweat at all because it is located right on the side of the road that can be passed by cars. Although we had to endure shocks all the way from the entrance to the area because the road was not completely smooth. Sibedug is the name of this waterfall. Still in the Petungkriyono ecotourism forest area, Pekalongan Regency.

Road conditions in Petungkriyono

A group of skinny youths dressed in black with ponytails parked their motorbikes on the side of the road when our car pulled over. They are taking selfies with a waterfall in the background that looks like triplets. Two waterfalls that are side by side and quite photogenic are on the left, one waterfall on the right corner looks not harmonious with the twins on the left.

Along the way from entering the gate of the Petungkriyono ecotourism area, the road has started to climb uncomfortably. Almost forty-five degrees. The rental car we rented had started to wail in first gear, but luckily I didn’t have to get out of the car to reduce the burden. Make sure the car you use is in top condition.

This waterfall is quite interesting because its location really invites passers-by to stop by. Several coffee and food stalls are located near this waterfall, which attracts more visitors to stop by. Moreover, most of the coffee in Petungkriyono is the result of the community’s own cultivation.

No need for long trekking to get here, directly on the side of the road.

In the Petungkriyono Forest, this is the habitat of several rare primates such as the Javan Gibbon (Hylobates moloch). Some of my friends from the group car claimed to have seen a Javan gibbon passing through the tall trees of Petungkriyono. But I was not lucky to be able to see the rare ape.

Today is a holiday, but apart from us, there are only four other people inside the waterfall so we are free to take pictures. Maybe it’s because this waterfall is just a place to pass by, so there aren’t too many people.

Many bridges are crossed along the way

The clouds began to drift, we returned to the car class to hurry to another waterfall which is much more magnificent: Curug Bajang.

But our car had to stop because the vegetable truck in front was damaged and blocked our way.

“The motorbike in front is broken, bro!” Mas Wawan said the driver of my car.

I don’t see the motor. But it wasn’t long before I realized that people in Pekalongan refer to ‘cars’ as ‘motorcycles’. What’s the name of the motorbike?

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