Roles and Things You Should Know!

Roles and Things You Should Know!

Project Time Management – Running a project of course requires careful calculations so that it can run smoothly, right? Starting from planning, process, until the execution needs to be scheduled, so that it is in accordance with the expected target.

Therefore, you need the name project time management. In short, project time management is an activity that includes all activities in order to complete a project as a whole, in order to meet the time target that has been provided.

Benefits when applying project time management is to direct and guide the people involved in the project so that they can work on job desk each, so that nothing overlaps and takes longer to complete.

Project time management flow

Reporting from Dictio, here are 4 lines: project time management. The full explanation is like this, friend!

Roles and Things You Should Know!

1. Activity definitions

Doing details of the activities and divisions involved. Starting from the resources used, the costs required to the time period set to complete the project.

2. Activity sequencing

The process for documenting and identifying when the project is in progress, whether there is something that needs to be improved or given changes, either from the client’s request or the provisions of the company itself.

3. Activity duration estimation

Even at the stage activity definition have been calculated, but at the stage of activity sequencing of course it can be changed by various factors so that at this stage activity duration estimation start calculating and estimate the completion of the project.

4. Schedule development

The last stage is development activitiesnamely an evaluation of the entire project being carried out, whether it has reached the target, each division has been working on it job desk as a whole or not, to the cost used, is it appropriate? budget specified or vice versa)

Main points of project time management

In applying project time management, quoted from Proverri, is divided into 4 parts. Here’s the explanation!

1. Reach and scope (scope)

When running a project, of course, it is no secret that one person has different goals and mindsets, and it becomes a challenge to find a “middle way” so that each party does not feel disadvantaged.

Therefore, at the point scopecreated some rules and boundaries that must be mutually agreed upon.

2. Implementation time is an important point in project time management

No less important, project implementation must be carefully thought out in terms of time estimation. For example, if the process is a little late, of course the costs that have been set in the initial agreement could require more support.

Therefore, points time also serves to carry out directional control.

3. Project handling costs (cost)

Quantity cost also influenced by the previous two points, namely time and scope. If both can run in a balanced way and minimize errors that occur, of course the costs that have been set are also within the budget.

4. Quality (Quality)

Of course, the projects that are being carried out are not only “just finished”, but also require monitoring related to their quality. Is the end result of the project in accordance with the wishes of the client? Has the company actually completed the project according to plan?

It turns out, the role of time management in working is so important, right? For those of you who are not very familiar with this, of course you feel confused about how to handle a project that is being carried out in order to achieve the target.

However, you don’t have to worry! Currently, to apply it no need to be complicated, because you can take advantage of the application project time management so much easier.

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