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Russian fighter jets equipped with nuclear weapons violate Swedish airspace | World | News

Two Russian attack planes, escorted by two other warplanes, carried nuclear weapons, TV4 reported. It described this as a “deliberate act with the aim, to intimidate Sweden”.

The Swedish airspace breach occurred earlier this month, on March 2.

The four planes are understood to have taken off from the Russian air base in Kaliningrad.

TV4 reported that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had prompted the Swedish Air Force to step up its preparedness, so the planes were immediately spotted heading for Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea.

They are known to have been in Swedish airspace for about a minute.

Air Force Chief Carl-Johan Edström earlier this month described the “short-lived” event as “irresponsible”.

He added that, given the current situation, the incident was taken “very seriously”.

This was before reports emerged today, on Wednesday, that the plan contained nuclear weapons.

More to follow.