Sadistic! Students Become Victims of Beatings When Defending Their Father – Student Zone – A student was beaten by several youths in Tounelet Village, Sonder District, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. In connection with this case, the police managed to apprehend the perpetrators of the beating. The Head of Public Relations of the North Sulawesi Regional Police Kombes Pol Jules Abraham Abast revealed that there were six perpetrators.

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The Chronology of the Beating Event

Illustration of the beating (Photo: National Tempo)

This incident began when a student with the initials SP (19) saw his father arguing with several youths and some of them had beaten him. The unfortunate incident occurred while they were at the funeral home.

When SP saw the incident, the student immediately approached the father and beat the perpetrator blindly. The perpetrator, who did not accept the blow, finally responded by ganging up on SP until he was injured and bruised. Even SP also received medical treatment at Siloam Sonder Hospital.

Furthermore, SP reported this incident to the authorities with Police Report Number LP/01/I/2022/Sek Sonder dated January 16 last. Meanwhile, the six perpetrators came from Tounelet Jaga 3 Village.

The six perpetrators have the initials BM (18), AK (25), KT (21), NL (28), AK (23), and AL (26) and have been detained by the police at the Sonder Police Headquarters.

In this case, Abast said that the relevant parties will process the perpetrators legally. Previously, this incident had occurred on Sunday (16/1/2022) at around 00.30 WITA.

“The legal process against the perpetrators is currently being handled by the Sonder Police, Minahasa,” said Abast, citing Liputan6.

Worse, the six perpetrators had previously assaulted a local resident. The police arrested the perpetrator who was in Sonder District, Minahasa Regency.

“The perpetrators were arrested on Sunday afternoon in several places around Sonder District, Minahasa Regency,” he added.

Sadistic! Students Become Victims of Beatings When Defending Their Father

That’s a review of a student with the initials SP who became the victim of the beating of a number of youths while defending his father who was at the funeral home.

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