Sadistic! Teacher and Principal ignite 10 students’ hands until they are blistered – Student Zone – A teacher and school principal were dismissed after being involved in a case of mistreatment of their own students by igniting the hands of 10 of their students with matches. The case occurred in one Islamic Madrasah (MI) in Gucialit District, Lumajang Regency, East Java.

Responding to the case of the teacher and principal, the police and the Gucialit District Leadership Conference (Muspika) apparatus immediately intervened to handle it.

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Chronology of Events

Picture of MI Nurul Huda, Gucialit, Lumajang (Photo:

This case began when the teacher and homeroom teacher for class IV lost the savings that had been placed on the table on Friday (26/3/2021). The amount of Rp12,500 is the savings of 12 students.

The head of the Gucialit Sector Police, Iptu Joko Try, said the teacher asked the students the whereabouts of the savings, but no one confessed.

“No one confessed. Then they were scared off with less common methods, ignited with gas lighters by the homeroom teacher, “said Joko.

Then, the teacher gave sanctions to 10 students and still no one confessed. Finally, they reported to the principal, but instead three students received additional sanctions. The principal also ignited the three students’ right hands with matches until they were scalded.

Apologize and Get Dismissed

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Receiving a report that the child’s hand was blistered, suddenly the parents came to the school and demanded an explanation. At that time, the local village head mediate between the two parties until the case is considered finished.

Teachers and principals only made statements and apologized.

“At the time of the incident, the teacher had apologized to the student’s guardian through the village head. I’ve made a statement, it’s actually finished there,” said Joko.

However, there are still some parents who do not accept and decide to report to the police. They asked that the principal be dismissed.

“Finally reported it to the police on Wednesday the 31st. After being reported, we coordinated with Muspika and the Ministry of Religion. Then on Thursday (teachers and principals) were summoned by the KUA. Immediately when it was dismissed, “explained Joko.

The case was finally completed and did not proceed to the realm of law.

“It has been investigated and mediationed with Muspika. Today it has been mediated. There is no legal case, just dismissed from the principal. Victims (parents of students) accept,” said Joko.

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Sadistic! Teacher and Principal ignite 10 students’ hands until they are blistered

That’s a review of the teacher and principal who ignited 10 students’ hands until they were blistered. It is hoped that incidents of abuse against students will not be repeated.

Hopefully this review is useful for Zone Buddy. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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