Sample Research Proposal in English, Tips for Passing the Scholarship!

One of the requirements when applying for a scholarship to study abroad is: research proposal or a study/research proposal. In this article I will share tips on how to write and examples paper research proposal English in order to qualify for the scholarship.

What is a research proposal? Why is the research proposal important?

Definition research proposal or a study proposal is a design that proposes research ideas on a particular topic in scientific or academic terms.

The aim is to obtain funding to carry out the research.

Research proposals are an important requirement when applying for scholarships to study abroad, both for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels as an assessment of your academic ability.

However, to get a bachelor’s degree, students must prepare a thesis (called a thesis or dissertation) which is the final result of a research proposal that has been developed which determines graduation.

Research proposal or the study/research proposal you sent when apply scholarships are just a starting point.

It doesn’t mean that later in the final thesis you have to write a thesis with the same topic as research proposal.

Most likely your ideas will change. Take me for example, my topic when writing research proposal to apply for a scholarship is different from my final thesis.

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Writing tips research proposal good english

Before going into a more detailed section along with examples, let me share first writing tips paper research proposal Good English:

  1. Choose a topic that is related to your interest in your major. For example, if you want to major in IT, write a research proposal related to technology.
  2. Do some research on the topic you want to write about. Just read academic journals, paper or the results of other people’s thesis, you can just search on google. I usually look for it on sites like Sage Journals or Research Gate.
  3. Pay attention to the writing format. I use the standard font “Times New Roman” size 12 px. For line spacing select double and the writing is left and right. For citing references and formatting tables follow the APA style.
  4. The ideal word count is 2,000 – 3,500 words (4-7 pages). But adjust again with the scholarship requirements. When I apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, the terms research proposal for the S2 level a minimum of only 800 words.
  5. Check again grammar. Usually in Microsoft Word if there is an error in writing a word there will be a red or blue underline. You can also check the results of your writing on the Grammarly site.
  6. Do paraphrasing. Do not copy paste raw from other sources. Even though the references have been added, the words need to be changed again. You can check the percentage plagiarism via the Grammarly website. There is no definite percentage, back again to the institution. Preferably percentage plagiarism below 15%.

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Example research proposal English to qualify for the scholarship

First of all, I want to make sure that you understand what the purpose of research or writing a thesis really is.

In a study, what we want to know is the relationship between one or more variable with variable others, whether the relationship is positive, negative, or no relationship at all.

An easy example. Effect of age and education on a person’s salary. This is just an easy example, yes, look for a topic that really fits your major.

In general, a research proposal has the following sections:

  • Title
  • Background
  • Research Questions
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

1. Title

Title of paper research proposal or the study proposal must be in accordance with the topic. that you want to examine. The title must be clear, so that those who read it already have an idea about the content and purpose of your proposal.

You can use words like: “The Impact……”, “The Influence…….” “An Evaluation…” of A towards B. You can also add the location, for example, if you want to focus on Indonesian conditions, you can add it in Indonesia.

Don’t forget to write your name too.

Sample Research Proposal in English, Tips for Passing the Scholarship!
Sample proposal title

2. Background

In the background you can explain the problem you found. Also write an outline of the current condition, what is lacking from previous research and the reasons why this topic needs to be researched and whether it is useful.

You can also add objectives or the purpose of doing this research in paper study proposals.

example of research proposal in English

Sample Research Proposal in English, Tips for Passing the Scholarship!
3. Research Questions

In the research questionsyou must clearly define the problem, provide an explanation of the problem and why it is important to investigate.

Sample Research Proposal in English, Tips for Passing the Scholarship!

4. Literature Review

Part Literature Review shows the extent of the researcher’s knowledge of the topic of interest.

Literature Review must convince readers or assessors that the research you want to do has a solid theoretical basis.

That’s why in this section usually the most quotes or citation from researcher who have conducted similar research.

This section shows that there is no repetition of work that has been done by other researchers.

You can have to compare and contrast existing theories, methods, and problems on topics of interest.

You can also slip hypothesis problem in section Literature Review. Hypothesis is output or the results you expect from this research.

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example of research proposal in English literature review
Example of a literature review section
example of research proposal hypothesis
Example of the hypothesis

5. Research Methodology

Well, in this section is a plan of how you will conduct your research for paper your study proposal. From how to collect data, demographic samples, and the analysis that you will use.

There are 2 types of analysis, namely: quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. Quantitative based on data, while qualitative is more to interview.

From my experience, it is better to choose quantitative analysis. Data can come from primary data or secondary data.

Primary data is data that you get independently from distributing questionnaires, while secondary data is data that you get from other sources such as the World Bank.

The data can then be analyzed using a statistical program such as SPSS or Stata.

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example of research proposal in English section of research methodology
example of research methodology section

6. Conclusion

Conclusion is a summary of the research plan and what benefits can be obtained from this research.

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Sample Research Proposal in English, Tips for Passing the Scholarship!
Conclusion part

7. Bibliography

The last is a bibliographic list of references, citation, from the source you obtained. Make sure to write it according to WHAT Style.

Sample Research Proposal in English, Tips for Passing the Scholarship!

Conclusion about Research Proposal/Study Proposal

more or less so, writing tips paper research proposal or study proposal along with example research proposal in English to apply for a scholarship, my advice, read more academic journals.

Don’t be discouraged, it may seem difficult but again the research proposal is only one of many factors that influence whether you are accepted for a scholarship or not.

Keep your spirits up! Any questions can be directly in the comments column!

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