Samsung Mobile Secret Code Collection

Secret Code Collection! Samsung Smartphone – Hello friend rahmancyberin this post we will discuss the secret code on Samsung phones, yes, maybe this can be used on all Samsung phones.

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Samsung Smartphone Introduction

Samsung is a smartphone manufacturer Android from South Korea, and is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Samsung has a lot of types of smartphones, ranging from flexible or the most expensive to the cheapest or the most economical, and until now their products are in demand by many people, not only because of the quality of the device, but also the camera factor is now a consideration for many people. because Samsung is known as a smartphone manufacturer that has a very good camera.

Yes, but it depends on the series or version of the cellphone’s output, usually for Samsung’s own cellphones that have good cameras, which have a medium to high level.

It should also be noted that Samsung phones it is known as a durable phone, and many people are amazed by its quality. So far, Samsung is also known as a manufacturer that has good after-sales service, or more because of its service Samsung service center

it’s been evenly distributed throughout Indonesia, how was your experience when served at the Samsung service center, please put it in the comment box, so that other people know what it’s really like Samsung service center in another point of view because here is my own point of view.

Now, let’s just go back to the initial discussion, namely to the collection of Samsung smartphone secret codes.

I don’t know why it’s called a secret code myself Meanwhile, we know that this code is widely scattered on the internet or even on social media, so I conclude that this code is a code that is intended to make it easier for technicians to check features, so maybe if this code is distributed to the general public it will not be a problem although there is still a warning there warning that all errors that occur due to accidental or use of the code are borne by the user of the code. This means that we ourselves bear it.


you want to use the code or not, it’s up to you because the risk is in your own hands

But here I try to give an explanation of the secret codes of Samsung phones in detail, in order to minimize mistakes, hehehe hehehe.

Samsung Mobile Secret Code Collection

The following a collection of secret codes from Samsung phones which you can use to check the authenticity or hidden features that exist on every other Samsung cellphone.

1. This Samsung secret code is a code that is usually used to check screen damage and we can also access several other features such as the front camera sensor and speaker and other functions we can use the code *#0*#

samsung phone code


The code we can apply to see IMEI number *#06#

3. Code for know the firmware version *#1234#

4. For we can view battery informationwe can use code *#0228# or #8999*228#

5. Check your sim card, you can use this code *#8999*778#

6. If you want to reboot or restart your Samsung cellphone, here is the secret code: #*2562#

7. To reset the language to return to its original settings, you can use this code *#0000#

8. You can also delete all messages stored on a Samsung cellphone, how you can use this code #*5376#

Some of the codes above. Maybe there are some that can’t work on the Samsung version you have, maybe if it doesn’t work, it means that the code can be used for other versions of Samsung.

Please note, friends, that all the codes above are codes that are executed on the phone or dial menu, you just type the code above like you would type a phone number, when we type the last character we can immediately open the function of the code without having to press it. call button.

Actually, for the first code, we can already do a lot of testing, so we only show the next code that is not available in the first code test.

Something like that for a collection of Samsung Smartphone secret codes that you need to know, Hopefully it can be useful, yes.

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