Sariayu Lip Tint Colors on the Market

Sariayu lip tint color consists of 3 shades that can be used daily and does not make the lips feel dry.

Sariayu always innovates to release the latest products according to market needs. One of the products that Sariayu releases is lip tint. Apart from having a light texture, Sariayu lip tint also has a variety of colors.

Sariayu Color Trend 2019 Indonesian Color Inspiration Hydra Lip Tint is the latest product from Sariayu that can be used from teenagers to adults. This product is quite popular and is now widely used as ombre lips.


This Sariayu lip tint product can not only color the lips so they don’t look pale, but also nourish the lips to keep them healthy. Sariayu lip tint contains vitamin E which functions as an antioxidant. In addition, this product can also moisturize the lips, because of the vitamin B5 content. Interestingly, this product has a very fresh fruity aroma when used.

This product has packaging square shape with a bottle made of glass which adds an elegant and luxurious impression to this product. This product is enough travel friendly and become a must-have item when you travel. Like English words of wisdom “because your lips need love too.”

The texture of this product is quite runny. Even so, coverage Sariayu lip tint is quite good and is able to make lips look not pale. You can still use it for everyday which will produce natural makeup and not seem excessive.

Interestingly, when you use this product, you will feel a cold sensation. In addition, this product will not dry out the lips. This lip tint also wears off quickly.setso you don’t have to wait long for the color of this lip tint.

This Sariayu lip tint color will give a natural impression on the lips. The color will stain on the lips and is long lasting enough for all day use. The color of this lip tint will make you look fresher with a lip tint color that is suitable for all skin types.

To use Sariayu lip tint, you only need to apply it to your lips. You can apply it directly full or make ombre lips who will make Korean make up look.

Interestingly, you can also use this lip tint as a blush which will make your make-up look fresher. To make you look younger, it’s a good idea to adjust too outfit worn with pastel colors or colors nudes.

If you are interested in using lip tint products from Sariayu, it’s a good idea to know the shade of Sariayu lip tint first.

1. Shades WI-01


Shades it has red color and hit pink that will make you look cute. You can use it everyday or when hangout with friends. If shade you use this as ombre lips, you will look younger. Don’t forget to use this lip tint color as a blush to make your look fresher.

2. Shades WI-02


Shades It also has a red color. the difference, shade it has hint orange which will make the face brighter. This shade is suitable for you to use to go to campus. The color will not make the lips pale you know?

3. Shades WI-03


Unlike other lip tints, shade it tends to have a purple color which will make you look more mature. Shades it will cover your dark lips just once swatches just.

Seeing the color of Sariayu’s lip tint will add to the collection of lipstick products that will not dry out the lips. You can use it everyday, because this product is able to nourish your lips to make them healthier.

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