Satpol PP Disbands Student Reunion and Alcohol Party in Bandung – Student Zone – Dozens of students were raided by the West Bandung Regency Satpol PP (KBB) after holding a reunion as well as a liquor or alcohol party. The incident took place on Saturday (5/2/2022) night.

In addition to the alcohol party, dozens of these students also gathered in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Regarding this, the Head of Public Order and Order at the West Bandung Satpol PP, Poniman, said that there were 70 students who attended the party without having a crowd permit.

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Chronology of Student Raids

Student raid incident (Photo: Detik)

The raid took place on Saturday (5/2/2022) night at Villa Kampung Gajah, Jalan Sergeant Bajuri, Cihideung Village, Parongpong District, West Bandung Regency.

Poniman revealed that the reunion activity had violated the health protocols implemented by the local government. His party immediately took action to disperse the crowd of dozens of students.

“The activity clearly violates health protocols. Because apart from causing crowds, it is also illegal. Finally, we took action to disband,” said Poniman, quoting Detik.

Furthermore, the activity which involved dozens of students was held from 19.00 WIB to 00.00 WIB. During the raid, a number of bottles of alcohol from various brands were also found and some of them had been consumed.

Poniman said that the alcohol was eventually confiscated by the Cisarua Police. However, related to this, his party did not give sanctions to the organizers of the activities or the owner of the villa. Because this type of violation is still relatively light.

“There is no fine sanction because the violation is still relatively light and has only been done once, so it’s just the disbandment of activities,” he said.

He also added that the activity did not cause debate. Because the students immediately dispersed. Then, the Satpol PP also provided guidance to the students involved.

“All of them immediately disbanded and we remind them not to repeat the same thing because now Covid-19 cases are soaring,” he added.

Satpol PP Disbands Student Reunion and Alcohol Party in Bandung

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