savage! An intern student becomes a crew member molested by a captain on a ship – Student Zone – A female crew member (ABK) who was in the middle of a work internship was molested by the captain of the ship. The obscene act was carried out by the perpetrator with the initials KA in the Konawe area, Southeast Sulawesi (Sultra).

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Attempted Rape

Illustration of sexual harassment (Photo: Suarabali)

A student who is in the middle of an apprenticeship actually becomes an attempted rape by the captain on the ship.

“Yes, it is true that there was an attempted rape of a female victim who was also a crew member on the ship,” said the Head of the Bondoala Police, Konawe.

“The perpetrator called the victim on the grounds that he wanted to vent. However, the perpetrator immediately committed immoral acts against the victim on the ship,” he said.

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Victim is the Only Woman

Illustration of obscenity (Photo: Lawjustice)

The victim immediately reported the incident to the family. The family then called one of the crew members and reported it to the police.

“This victim is the only female crew member on the ship. For how many victims were molested, we are still conducting an investigation,” he explained.

The video related to this incident has gone viral on social media. In the video circulating, a number of men can be seen breaking into the ship’s captain’s room.

Then the train driver was pulled out of the room. Train perpetrators then became the butt of an emotional mass. The perpetrator of the train is currently being held at the Bondoala Police for further investigation

savage! An intern student becomes a crew member molested by the captain on the ship

This incident happened again to women, hopefully this will not happen again and asked to be more careful again.

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